AVermedia and 65Cubed Forge Alliance to Enhance LED Efficiency and Performance

  • AVerMedia and 65CUBED have formed a strategic collaboration focusing on enhancing LED display technology.
  • The partnership aims to improve longevity and performance while prioritizing environmental sustainability.
  • LED displays are integral across various sectors, but concerns about energy consumption and environmental impact persist.
  • AVerMedia and 65CUBED aim to revolutionize LED technology by reducing energy consumption by up to 30%.
  • The collaboration underscores a commitment to sustainability and innovation in the LED industry.

Main AI News:

In a groundbreaking move, AVerMedia, renowned for its AI and digital multimedia technology, has unveiled a strategic partnership with 65CUBED, a trailblazing entity specializing in cutting-edge LED display solutions. This collaboration sets out to redefine the landscape of LED display technology by prioritizing longevity and performance, signaling a significant stride in AVerMedia’s dedication to environmental stewardship.

This dynamic partnership between AVerMedia and 65CUBED epitomizes a unified endeavor to meet the surging demand for sustainable, high-performance LED displays across various global sectors. By synergizing their expertise and innovative prowess, these two industry titans are primed to introduce revolutionary advancements that will set new benchmarks for energy conservation and presentation excellence in LED displays.

The ubiquitous presence of LED displays in contemporary society underscores their pivotal role across diverse sectors including advertising, entertainment, and education. Yet, apprehensions regarding environmental impact, lifespan, and energy usage have spurred proactive steps from industry leaders like AVerMedia, who have partnered with 65CUBED to explore innovative solutions to these pressing challenges.

At the core of their mission is sustainability. AVerMedia and 65CUBED are committed to crafting LED display technology that not only achieves unparalleled color precision in line with the Director’s Intent but also significantly curtails environmental footprint by slashing energy consumption by up to 30%.

Evange Chuang, Vice President at AVerMedia, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with 65CUBED to drive the evolution of LED display technology. This partnership underscores our steadfast dedication to sustainability and innovation, as we endeavor to equip the LED industry with state-of-the-art, high-performance solutions that are energy-efficient, particularly in the global Digital Out of Home (DOOH) markets.”

Tom Bond, CTO of 65Cubed, echoed these sentiments, remarking, “The significance of energy consumption cannot be overstated, especially in markets navigating the uncertainties of our times. The partnership between AVerMedia and 65Cubed offers timely and scalable energy solutions to content providers today.”


The partnership between AVermedia and 65Cubed signifies a pivotal moment in the LED display market, emphasizing a shift towards sustainability and innovation. By addressing concerns about energy consumption and environmental impact, this collaboration sets a new standard for the industry, potentially reshaping market dynamics and positioning both companies as leaders in the field of LED technology.