BEEAH crafting ‘AI Executive’ for empowered corporate decision-making

  • BEEAH introduces ‘AI Executive’ to revolutionize corporate decision-making.
  • The AI Executive utilizes a Language Learning Model (LLM) to simplify complex data into actionable insights.
  • It aims to empower employees at all levels with intuitive language query responses.
  • BEEAH’s commitment to AI is evident in its AI-integrated headquarters and waste management initiatives.
  • The AI Executive will leverage machine learning and big data for personalized recommendations.
  • BEEAH’s investment in AI aligns with the UAE’s National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031.
  • The company’s focus on sustainability extends to ventures like EVOTEQ and
  • Partnerships like Khazna Sharjah aim to set new standards in waste-to-energy data centers.

Main AI News:

In its latest endeavor, BEEAH, a trailblazer in harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to propel sustainability initiatives, is poised to unveil its groundbreaking “AI Executive,” which is poised to redefine corporate decision-making processes.

The AI Executive epitomizes BEEAH’s dedication to fostering agility, efficacy, and data-driven workflows. Revealed to be in development, BEEAH’s “AI Executive” relies on an exclusive Language Learning Model (LLM), adept at distilling intricate historical data into actionable insights. These insights promise to equip employees, from top-tier executives to their respective teams, with the tools necessary to navigate their roles and industries with informed decision-making prowess.

Functioning as an LLM, the AI Executive boasts the ability to comprehend and respond to language queries, whether written or spoken, in an intuitive manner. Its responses are meticulously tailored to deliver pertinent insights, thereby enhancing organizational agility and operational efficiency.

BEEAH’s commitment to leveraging AI for sustainability and operational optimization is well-established. The company’s headquarters, an architectural marvel designed by Zaha Hadid, stands as one of the Middle East’s earliest fully AI-integrated structures, boasting LEED Platinum certification. Powered by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud and Johnson Controls Open Blue platform, the BEEAH Headquarters leverages AI and digital twin technology for energy optimization and predictive maintenance.

Moreover, BEEAH has seamlessly integrated AI within its operational domains, notably within waste management. The company’s fleet of waste collection and city cleaning vehicles features advanced AI-driven capabilities, including 360-degree cameras. This integration enables BEEAH’s AI City Vision technology to identify instances of overflowing bins and littered streets, offering insights for optimizing service coverage and conducting awareness campaigns.

Similarly, BEEAH’s Commercial and Industrial (C&I) facility is equipped with an AI Vision robot designed to autonomously identify and segregate various types of waste. This innovative approach facilitates the swift and accurate recovery of valuable alternative materials, thereby enhancing resource efficiency.

Commenting on the initiative, Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO and Vice Chairman of BEEAH, emphasized the organization’s proactive embrace of future technologies. He articulated, “The new AI Executive will serve as a unified hub, consolidating and amplifying our digitalization efforts to date. By harnessing data from diverse sources and systems, it will empower leadership and their teams to make well-informed decisions, thereby accelerating innovation.”

Employing machine learning algorithms, the AI Executive will leverage the vast reservoir of data within BEEAH’s digital infrastructure to generate actionable insights. Robust access management protocols will ensure data security and privacy, facilitating the delivery of personalized recommendations tailored to individual attributes.

The AI Executive represents a dependable digital advisor, capable of extracting real-time insights from our digital ecosystem,” remarked Khaled Al Huraimel. “Through seamless integration with text and speech interfaces, it will afford leadership timely access to critical insights, thereby enhancing visibility and fostering organizational alignment.”

With an in-house team dedicated to its development, BEEAH is collaborating with leading technology providers to ensure the AI Executive’s security and efficacy. This collaborative effort underscores BEEAH’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Nearly a decade ago, the UAE unveiled its National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031, aspiring to be the world’s most AI-ready nation. BEEAH’s strides in AI align with the UAE’s future-ready agenda, reflecting the region’s burgeoning AI landscape. According to PwC, the Middle East’s AI sector is poised for exponential growth, with projected impacts exceeding $320 billion by 2030.

In consonance with the national imperative for AI readiness and economic diversification, BEEAH has remained steadfast in its pursuit of AI over the past decade,” noted Khaled Al Huraimel. “The AI Executive marks the next frontier in AI technology at BEEAH, serving as a centralized repository for insights gleaned from our digital ecosystem. This initiative underscores our commitment to driving innovation, efficiency, and ultimately, creating value for our stakeholders and the communities we serve.”

Beyond AI, BEEAH has invested in digitalization and future-forward ventures, including EVOTEQ and EVOTEQ’s SmartTrack solution, utilized by the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention for “Tatmeen,” ensures the integrity of medicines. Meanwhile,’s platforms facilitate virtual recyclables trading and logistics, unlocking value from waste. Additionally, BEEAH has partnered in the Khazna Sharjah joint venture, aimed at developing the region’s inaugural waste-to-energy powered data center, thereby setting new benchmarks in sustainability.


BEEAH’s ‘AI Executive’ initiative signifies a significant advancement in corporate decision-making, leveraging AI to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and foster innovation. This initiative underscores the growing importance of AI adoption in the market, reflecting a shift towards data-driven decision-making and sustainable business practices. As BEEAH continues to pioneer AI integration across various sectors, it sets a precedent for other organizations to follow suit, driving competitiveness and market relevance in an increasingly digitalized landscape.