Bolster Raises $14M Led by Microsoft’s M12: Transforming Cybersecurity with Innovative Phishing Defense Strategies

  • Bolster, creator of CheckPhish phishing tracker, secures $14M funding led by Microsoft’s M12.
  • Bolster’s novel approach aims to combat malicious emails containing deceptive links.
  • Funding to expand CheckPhish and provide brand & URL checking services to businesses.
  • Notable clients include Dropbox, Uber, LinkedIn, and Coinbase.
  • Phishing contributes to over 90% of cyberattacks, according to Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency.
  • Bolster employs machine learning and AI to track and neutralize fraudulent activities in real-time.
  • Microsoft’s strategic investment underscores commitment to enhancing digital defense strategies.

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In the realm of cybersecurity, the deceptive allure of a seemingly authentic link concealed within a suspicious email remains a potent weapon in the arsenal of cybercriminals. Bolster, an AI-driven startup, has emerged with a groundbreaking strategy to combat this pervasive threat. With a recent infusion of $14 million in funding, the company is poised to expand its initiatives, bolstering its flagship free phish-checking platform, CheckPhish, while fortifying its services for esteemed clientele, including prominent brands and enterprises.

Leading the investment charge is Microsoft’s venture arm, M12, signaling a strategic alliance between tech giants in the ongoing battle against cyber threats. Joining the funding consortium are notable investors such as Thomvest Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Liberty Global Ventures, Cheyenne Ventures, Cervin Ventures, and Transform Capital. Although Bolster has not disclosed its current valuation, this latest funding round brings its total capital raised to approximately $40 million.

At the core of Bolster’s business model lies a mission to provide comprehensive brand and URL verification services tailored for businesses heavily reliant on email communications. By safeguarding these entities against malicious impersonation and brand infringement, Bolster aims to thwart cybercriminal endeavors aimed at compromising sensitive information and perpetrating fraudulent activities. Noteworthy clientele, including industry titans like Dropbox, Uber, LinkedIn, and Coinbase, attest to the efficacy of Bolster’s proactive defense mechanisms.

The prevalence of phishing attacks, accounting for over 90% of cyber assaults according to the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency, underscores the critical need for robust defense strategies. With the proliferation of sophisticated tools enabling the rapid deployment of phishing campaigns, the stakes have never been higher. Shashi Prakash, Bolster’s esteemed CTO and co-founder, elucidates the evolving tactics employed by malicious actors, emphasizing the ease with which AI-powered technologies facilitate the creation of authentic-looking phishing pages, thereby heightening the urgency for proactive intervention.

Bolster’s innovative approach leverages advanced machine learning algorithms and AI-driven insights to surveil the digital landscape comprehensively. By monitoring URLs, domain registrations, online discourse across diverse forums and social media platforms, and email communications, Bolster detects and neutralizes fraudulent activities in real-time. Through automated takedown procedures, suspicious links are swiftly eradicated at their source, mitigating potential risks before they escalate into full-fledged security breaches.

In a landscape fraught with evolving threats and elusive perpetrators, Bolster’s proactive defense mechanisms offer a formidable line of defense. By complementing existing email security solutions with its proactive intervention strategies, Bolster ensures that malicious actors are thwarted at every turn. As Todd Graham, managing partner at M12, emphasizes, the ability to swiftly dismantle the infrastructure underpinning cybercriminal operations is pivotal in combating the pervasive threat landscape.

Looking ahead, Microsoft’s strategic investment in Bolster underscores a shared commitment to fortifying digital defenses and safeguarding the integrity of online ecosystems. With a focus on enhancing threat detection capabilities and fortifying the resilience of businesses against evolving threats, Bolster and its esteemed partners are poised to usher in a new era of cybersecurity resilience. As the digital frontier continues to evolve, proactive defense strategies will remain paramount in safeguarding against emerging threats and preserving the trust of consumers worldwide.


Bolster’s successful funding round, led by Microsoft’s M12, reflects a growing recognition of the critical importance of proactive cybersecurity measures in today’s digital landscape. By leveraging innovative AI-driven technologies, Bolster is poised to revolutionize the fight against phishing attacks, offering businesses a robust defense mechanism against evolving cyber threats. This strategic investment not only strengthens Bolster’s position in the market but also signals a broader industry shift towards prioritizing proactive defense strategies to safeguard digital assets and preserve consumer trust.