Bridgewise Secures $21M in Funding to Boost AI-Driven Insights

  • Bridgewise secures $21 million in funding, raising total capital to $35 million.
  • SIX Group leads the funding round, with Group 11 and L4 Venture Builder also participating.
  • Bridgewise employs AI to analyze global securities data and provide investment recommendations.
  • Funding will accelerate global expansion and development of machine learning-driven recommendations.
  • Clientele includes stock exchanges, banks, trading platforms, investment houses, and financial media & education platforms across 15+ countries.
  • CEO Gaby Diamant emphasizes the significance of bridging knowledge gaps in global capital markets.

Main AI News:

In a stride towards fortifying its AI-enabled capabilities, Bridgewise has successfully concluded a funding round amassing $21 million. This latest injection of capital elevates the company’s total raised funds to $35 million.

The financing initiative was spearheaded by SIX Group, a pivotal entity in the financial landscape of Switzerland and Spain. Joining the fray were Group 11, a specialized venture capital firm in fintech, and L4 Venture Builder, the venture capital arm affiliated with B3, the preeminent exchange in Latin America.

Bridgewise harnesses the power of a robust database to furnish AI-driven analyses, delving into data pertaining to globally listed securities such as stocks and mutual funds. Additionally, the company extends investment recommendations, a regulated facet that has garnered approval in its operational markets.

This influx of capital is earmarked to expedite Bridgewise’s global expansion initiatives and bolster the enhancement of its machine learning-enabled recommendations.

The purveyors of Bridgewise’s insights cater to a diverse clientele comprising stock exchanges, financial institutions, trading platforms, investment firms, wealth management advisors, as well as financial media and educational platforms. Presently, the company boasts a footprint spanning over 15 nations, encompassing Australia, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, UAE, the UK, and the US.

Gaby Diamant, Bridgewise’s Co-founder and CEO, expressed, “This marks a significant milestone in our quest to bridge the knowledge and accessibility gap prevalent across global capital markets. Our AI technology is uniquely poised to furnish reliable analyses, recommendations, and support that are indispensable for global investors in making informed decisions. With esteemed partners like SIX, Group 11, and L4VB onboard, we possess the requisite arsenal to deliver markedly enhanced insights worldwide, empowering investors across linguistic and market boundaries. This fresh infusion of funds underscores our commitment to our clientele and our obligation to the industry at large.”


Bridgewise’s successful funding round signals a growing confidence in the potential of AI-driven insights within the financial industry. With substantial backing from key players like SIX Group, the company is poised to strengthen its position as a provider of reliable analysis and recommendations, potentially shaping the future landscape of investment decision-making.