Brittain Resorts & Hotels Revolutionizes Hospitality Industry with AI-Powered Business Intelligence Matrix


  • Brittain Resorts & Hotels (BRH) introduces AI-led business intelligence matrix.
  • Positions BRH as an industry leader in technological innovation.
  • Matrix integrates AI across various aspects of hospitality management.
  • Improves guest experience, operational efficiency, and revenue optimization.
  • BRH’s extensive services span project management, guest experience, F&B, owner relations, and IT.
  • Enhancements promise increased shareholder value.

Main AI News:

In a pioneering move that solidifies Brittain Resorts & Hotels (BRH) as a trailblazer in the hospitality sector, the Southeast’s prominent full-service hospitality management company has unveiled its groundbreaking “AI-led business intelligence technology matrix.” BRH’s strategic integration of this next-generation technology reinforces its commitment to enhancing value and satisfaction for hotel owners through third-party management services.

BRH, established in 1943, presently oversees a portfolio of 22 hotels and resorts, along with an impressive lineup of 45-plus restaurants and bars across the United States. Their unwavering dedication to technological advancement has led them to collaborate with over a dozen solution providers, thereby constructing a comprehensive matrix encompassing guest data, social media management, guest messaging communication, revenue management, customer relationship management, market data, parity management, payroll, and HR systems. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been meticulously woven into every facet of this matrix, revolutionizing various operational processes.

One of the matrix’s remarkable applications is the ability to analyze guest preferences and behaviors, facilitating the automation and personalization of marketing campaigns. Furthermore, it optimizes rate management by harnessing the power of vast datasets, predicting market demand, and dynamically adjusting pricing strategies to maximize revenue.

Termed “Power BI,” this matrix is a robust amalgamation of solutions provided by industry leaders, drawing from diverse technology providers and connecting to multiple data sources. It empowers users to consolidate, analyze, visualize, and disseminate insights through interactive dashboards and reports. Notable contributors include Amadeus for customer relationship management, Agilysys for property management, OTA Insight for parity management, Duetto for revenue management, and Revinaterobust for guest data, in addition to a business analytics tool developed by Microsoft.

Christy Jernigan, BRH’s Chief Development Officer, elucidates the significance of AI and business intelligence within their strategic framework. “The integration of AI, machine learning, or business intelligence not only streamlines tasks but also delivers predictive insights, optimization recommendations, and enriched user experiences,” she notes.

BRH’s utilization of business intelligence extends far beyond internal improvements; it delivers multiple advantages to the hotels under its management. The platform seamlessly integrates with a hotel’s Property Management System (PMS) to provide profound insights into guest demographics, preferences, and behaviors. It also scrutinizes operational data to unveil inefficiencies in housekeeping, maintenance, or F&B operations, promising notable enhancements in overall operational efficiency and, consequently, increased shareholder value.

BRH’s comprehensive suite of services encompasses project and facility management, guest experience management, food and beverage management, owner relations management, and IT management. Each aspect is meticulously curated to enhance the guest experience, streamline operations, and optimize profitability.


BRH’s innovative AI-powered business intelligence matrix is poised to revolutionize the hospitality market. By seamlessly integrating AI into diverse operational aspects, BRH not only enhances guest experiences and operational efficiency but also sets a new industry standard for leveraging cutting-edge technologies. This strategic move signifies a transformative shift in the market, where AI-driven solutions will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of hospitality management.