bswift’s Emma Co-Pilot: Revolutionizing Employee Benefits Support with AI and Human Touch

  • bswift introduces Emma Co-Pilot, a revolutionary solution blending AI and human touch for employee benefits support.
  • Emma Co-Pilot enhances customer service by providing personalized insights and proactive issue resolution.
  • The platform ensures consistent service excellence by empowering CSRs with AI-driven insights.
  • Initial results show remarkable outcomes, with an 86% issue resolution rate on the first call and a 94% employee satisfaction rating.
  • Emma Co-Pilot signifies bswift’s commitment to human-centric service and redefines the landscape of benefits administration.

Main AI News:

In the realm of employee benefits technology and administration, bswift® stands at the forefront of innovation. Recently, the company unveiled its groundbreaking solution, Emma™ Co-Pilot, to an audience of 300 clients and partners at the prestigious annual Idea Exchange conference near Palm Springs, CA. This innovative platform marks a significant advancement in customer support, seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities with the empathetic touch of human interaction to deliver a service experience that is both personalized and efficient.

At the core of Emma Co-Pilot lies bswift’s Mindful AI philosophy, a belief that AI should augment rather than replace human engagement. Ted Bloomberg, CEO of bswift, articulates this philosophy, stating, “Emma Co-Pilot embodies our commitment to leveraging AI as a complement to human interaction. It works collaboratively with our customer service representatives (CSRs) to enrich the customer experience with AI-driven insights.”

The essence of Emma Co-Pilot’s innovation can be distilled into three key features:

  1. Tailored Personalization: Drawing from a vast repository of benefits data and customer histories, Emma Co-Pilot provides tailored insights, empowering CSRs to anticipate and customize their support according to each customer’s unique needs.
  2. Proactive Issue Resolution: Emma Co-Pilot takes a proactive approach to customer inquiries, aiming for swift and comprehensive resolution in every interaction. By preemptively addressing potential concerns and offering proactive guidance, it ensures customers receive proactive and holistic support.
  3. Consistent Service Excellence: Central to bswift’s ethos is a commitment to delivering consistently high-quality service. Emma Co-Pilot achieves this by equipping every CSR with AI-enhanced insights, ensuring a superior support experience for every customer.

Eric Strom, SVP of Service Center at bswift, emphasizes the company’s dedication to human-centric service, stating, “With Emma Co-Pilot, we are reshaping the dynamics of customer interactions. By augmenting human expertise with AI, we are not only improving efficiency but also fostering deeper personal connections with our customers.

Initial outcomes underscore the effectiveness of bswift’s Mindful AI approach. An impressive 86% of issues are resolved on the first call, surpassing the industry benchmark of 70%. Moreover, bswift’s CSRs enjoy a remarkable 94% employee satisfaction rating, according to internal data—an achievement that exceeds the national average of 77%, as reported by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.


bswift’s Emma Co-Pilot marks a significant milestone in the employee benefits support industry, demonstrating the potential of AI to enhance human interaction rather than replace it. The platform’s success in driving efficiency and customer satisfaction underscores a growing trend towards integrated AI solutions in customer service. This innovation sets a new standard for personalized and proactive support, reshaping market expectations and highlighting the importance of human empathy in technology-driven solutions.