Calypso and Nexigen Forge Pioneering Alliance for AI Security Advancement in North America


  • Calypso and Nexigen have formed a strategic alliance to advance AI security in North America.
  • Calypso, known for its pioneering LLM security solution, joins forces with Nexigen, a leader in cybersecurity and AI solutions.
  • The partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of secure AI solutions across government and enterprise sectors.
  • Calypso’s trailblazing legacy in LLM security complements Nexigen’s commitment to technological excellence.
  • Nexigen’s expertise in Generative AI security bridges the gap for diverse clients, offering comprehensive support beyond traditional reselling.
  • Together, Calypso and Nexigen empower stakeholders to navigate the complex landscape of AI security, ensuring a resilient digital future.

Main AI News:

In a groundbreaking fusion, Calypso, the forefront authority in Language Model Management (LLM) security solutions, and Nexigen, a prominent provider of cybersecurity, AI, and IT/cloud solutions, have joined forces to propel cybersecurity into the era of Generative AI. This strategic alliance aims to expedite the secure and ethical integration of AI solutions across governmental agencies and corporate entities.

Calypso, renowned for pioneering the world’s premier LLM security solution, proudly unveils an epochal partnership with Nexigen, a stalwart in cybersecurity, AI, and IT/cloud solutions. This collaboration heralds a significant leap forward in fortifying the cybersecurity landscape, epitomizing the shared commitment of both entities toward shaping a secure digital future.

Calypso’s Trailblazing Leadership

Calypso’s status as an industry trailblazer is cemented by its groundbreaking creation of the world’s inaugural LLM security solution. This remarkable feat underscores Calypso’s unparalleled proficiency in tackling the unique challenges posed by Generative AI. With a legacy of groundbreaking achievements, Calypso stands as the epitome of LLM security excellence.

Nexigen’s Pursuit of Excellence

Nexigen, driven by an unwavering pursuit of technological excellence, brings a wealth of experience and proficiency to this collaboration. Their dedication to delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity, AI, and IT/cloud solutions seamlessly aligns with Calypso’s vision for securing digital ecosystems. This partnership reaffirms Nexigen’s standing as a premier provider in the industry.

Building Bridges

Proficient in the intricate language of Generative AI, Nexigen is uniquely positioned to offer comprehensive support to a diverse clientele. From Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), AI researchers to corporate leaders, Nexigen’s expertise spans the entire spectrum. This collaboration extends beyond traditional reselling, encompassing a suite of indispensable services designed to empower clients in navigating the intricate landscape of Generative AI security.


The strategic partnership between Calypso and Nexigen signifies a significant advancement in AI security solutions. By combining Calypso’s pioneering LLM security expertise with Nexigen’s proficiency in cybersecurity and AI, the market can expect accelerated innovation and adoption of secure AI technologies across various sectors. This collaboration reinforces the importance of collaboration in addressing emerging cybersecurity challenges and underscores the market’s commitment to securing digital ecosystems against evolving threats.