Chai Secures $8M CoreWeave Investment, Valuation Hits $450M in AI Partnership


  • Chai’s strategic partnership with GPU provider CoreWeave brings in $8 million in GPU compute investment.
  • This collaboration boosts Chai’s valuation to an impressive $450 million, following a successful pre-seed funding round of $2 million.
  • CoreWeave’s investment supports a large-scale AI language model competition on Chai’s entertainment app.
  • The competition offers both cash prizes and prestige to winners.
  • Chai aims to enhance its in-house technology, already outperforming OpenAI models on the platform.
  • User engagement, measured by screen-time, is a key focus for Chai.
  • CoreWeave’s servers handle all messages on the Chai platform, providing valuable insights.
  • Chai’s CEO, William Beauchamp, expresses pride in the partnership and foresees increased demand for CoreWeave’s infrastructure offerings as the user base grows.

Main AI News:

In a groundbreaking move earlier this month, the AI platform Chai unveiled its strategic alliance with CoreWeave, a specialized GPU provider, by injecting a substantial $8 million into GPU compute resources. This investment propels Chai to an impressive $450 million valuation cap, marking a significant milestone for the company. This development comes hot on the heels of Chai’s successful pre-seed funding round, which saw them secure $2 million in capital, furthering their relentless pursuit of creating an open and democratic AI platform.

CoreWeave’s strategic investment in Chai holds the promise of catalyzing one of the industry’s foremost large-scale AI language model competitions. In this ambitious endeavor, participants will submit their language models, vying for user engagement within Chai’s immensely popular entertainment application. The competition not only promises a prestigious title but also substantial cash rewards for the victors.

However, the implications of CoreWeave’s investment extend beyond the competition arena. Chai is set to bolster its in-house technology, already surpassing OpenAI’s models on the platform. At Chai, the north star metric is a user engagement, quantified by screen-time. This commitment is underscored by users enthusiastically sharing screen time statistics that often exceed an astonishing 10 hours.

Remarkably, every message traversing the Chai platform undergoes CoreWeave’s server infrastructure. Chai’s CEO, William Beauchamp, expressed utmost confidence in this partnership, stating, “They possess unparalleled insights into the inner workings of our business. We take immense pride in collaborating with them. As our user base continues its exponential growth, our reliance on CoreWeave’s infrastructure offerings will correspondingly escalate.”


Chai’s collaboration with CoreWeave, resulting in an $8 million investment and a $450 million valuation, signifies a significant milestone in the AI market. This strategic move not only empowers Chai’s AI capabilities but also highlights the growing importance of GPU providers in supporting AI platforms and competitions. As Chai continues to prioritize user engagement and expand its user base, the partnership with CoreWeave positions both companies for continued success in the competitive AI landscape.