ChatGPT Mobile Apps Mark One-Year Anniversary with 110M+ Installs and Nearly $30M in Revenue


  • ChatGPT mobile apps celebrate their one-year anniversary.
  • Over 110 million combined installations and nearly $30 million in revenue were achieved.
  • ChatGPT Plus subscription service at $19.99 per month contributes significantly to revenue.
  • Expansion of the subscription service beyond the U.S. in February 2023.
  • analysis places ChatGPT behind “Ask AI” in terms of revenue.
  • Impressive 18 million Android installs within a week of Google Play release.
  • Ongoing growth with over 4 million weekly average downloads on iOS and Android.
  • India and the U.S. lead in ChatGPT downloads, with India at 18% and the U.S. at 17.5%.
  • ChatGPT ranks third in terms of usage on Android behind Character AI and Chai.
  • The expectation is continued growth in installs and revenue by the end of 2023.

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On the occasion of ChatGPT’s first anniversary, its mobile applications have achieved remarkable milestones, boasting over 110 million installations and generating nearly $30 million in revenue. Over the past year, ChatGPT has evolved from a research preview into an indispensable tool, revolutionizing the landscape of AI chatbot technology for mainstream users. A pivotal moment in this journey was the launch of the ChatGPT mobile app on iOS in May 2023, followed by its Android debut in July of the same year.

As we celebrate this technological triumph on its first anniversary, the latest data reveals that the mobile app versions of ChatGPT have amassed an impressive 110 million combined installations and a substantial consumer spending of close to $30 million. These insights were unveiled in a comprehensive market analysis shared exclusively with TechCrunch by the esteemed mobile intelligence provider

ChatGPT’s financial success stems primarily from the sale of the ChatGPT Plus subscription through in-app purchases. Priced at $19.99 per month, this subscription offers users a host of valuable perks, including unrestricted access during peak usage times, faster response times, and exclusive early access to new features and enhancements. Remarkably, this subscription was extended to users beyond the United States in February 2023, just ahead of the mobile apps’ official launch.

While the ChatGPT Plus subscription commands a premium price, consumers’ keen interest in gaining access to its exclusive benefits has steadily driven demand upward over time, as reported by In total, ChatGPT’s suite of apps has contributed to an impressive $28.6 million in global consumer spending on mobile devices, with the likelihood of many more subscribers accessing it through web-based channels. Notably, ChatGPT’s API may have also attracted users from other mobile chatbot applications, further diversifying its revenue streams. For instance, the app “Poe,” which offers a unified interface for interacting with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and other AI chatbots like Anthropic’s Claude, boasts 1.18 million monthly active users as of September 2023, according to insights from app intelligence firm Apptoppia.

While’s analysis may position ChatGPT differently in terms of revenue rankings, it confirms that ChatGPT is not the highest-grossing chatbot. “Ask AI,” which entered the mobile market ahead of ChatGPT, leads the way by offering a range of cost-effective in-app purchase options for premium features, with durations ranging from one week to one year, as well as multiple tiers such as “premium” and “elite.”

Beyond its financial accomplishments, ChatGPT’s mobile app downloads continue to surge following its successful releases on iOS and Android during the spring and summer months, surpassing a remarkable 110 million installations.

Shortly after its introduction on Google Play, ChatGPT’s Android downloads achieved unprecedented levels, with approximately 18 million new installations. This record-breaking figure has yet to be surpassed by other mobile apps, as highlighted by The combined weekly average downloads on iOS and Android now consistently exceed 4 million, a figure that has been sustained for the past five weeks.

In terms of downloads, ChatGPT outpaces other generative AI applications, including Character AI, Ask AI, Open Chat, Nova, ChatBot, AI Mirror, Imagine, Artimind, and ChatBox, as indicated by the data.

Furthermore, the geographical distribution of ChatGPT downloads reveals a close competition between India and the United States, with India contributing to 18% of the downloads and the United States closely following at 17.5%.

However, a closer look at Android data suggests that ChatGPT may not be the most frequently used AI application. It currently ranks third, trailing behind Character AI, which allows users to create personalized AI chatbots, and a similar AI application called Chai. These applications naturally lend themselves to more frequent user sessions compared to the utilitarian nature of ChatGPT. Nevertheless, this landscape could potentially shift with the introduction of specialized GPT variants, as suggested by


ChatGPT’s first anniversary highlights remarkable achievements, with substantial installations and revenue. The ChatGPT Plus subscription service and global expansion have significantly contributed to its success, although it faces competition from “Ask AI.” The rapid adoption of Android downloads is noteworthy. While India and the U.S. lead in downloads, ChatGPT ranks third in Android usage. The market can anticipate further growth in installs and revenue for ChatGPT in the coming year, reflecting the continued demand for AI chatbot technology.