Cisco and NVIDIA Forge Path for Enterprise AI Infrastructure Success


  • Cisco and NVIDIA have joined forces to provide advanced AI infrastructure solutions for enterprises.
  • The collaboration aims to simplify the deployment and management of AI infrastructure, catering to the evolving needs of businesses.
  • Key highlights include the integration of NVIDIA’s latest GPUs into Cisco’s servers and the availability of NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Cisco’s global price list.
  • Jointly validated reference architectures and streamlined AI infrastructure management solutions are part of the offering.
  • Industry experts praise the partnership for addressing the escalating demand for AI compute power and providing performance-optimized Ethernet-based infrastructure.

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In a groundbreaking announcement, Cisco and NVIDIA have unveiled their joint initiative aimed at delivering state-of-the-art AI infrastructure solutions tailored for today’s dynamic business landscape. This strategic collaboration seeks to streamline the deployment and management of AI infrastructure, empowering enterprises with the computational prowess essential for thriving in the AI-driven era.

Chuck Robbins, Chair and CEO of Cisco, emphasized the transformative impact of AI on work and life, underlining the imperative for enterprises to reimagine their infrastructures. Through this partnership with NVIDIA, Robbins envisions equipping enterprises with the requisite technology and expertise to seamlessly build, deploy, and secure AI solutions at scale.

Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, echoed Robbins’ sentiment, highlighting the universal pursuit among companies to harness generative AI for business transformation. By closely aligning with Cisco, NVIDIA aims to facilitate easier access to the infrastructure necessary for unlocking the potential of AI, heralded as the most potent technological force of our time.

The synergy between Cisco’s unparalleled proficiency in Ethernet networking and expansive partner network, coupled with NVIDIA’s pioneering GPU technology fueling the AI revolution, forms the cornerstone of this formidable partnership. Both entities are committed to guiding customers through the AI transition with robust, Ethernet-based infrastructure solutions fortified with robust security measures.

Over the years, Cisco and NVIDIA have collaborated on an array of integrated product offerings spanning Webex collaboration tools to data center compute environments. Now, their focus extends to empowering enterprise customers with scalable and automated AI cluster management, ensuring seamless operations and superior customer experiences.

Key highlights of the collaboration include:

  1. Integration of NVIDIA’s latest Tensor Core GPUs into Cisco’s UCS rack and blade servers, enabling optimal performance for AI and data-intensive workloads.
  2. Availability of NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Cisco’s global price list, providing software frameworks and tools for secure and supported production AI deployments.
  3. Jointly validated reference architectures simplifying AI cluster deployment across virtualized and containerized environments.
  4. Streamlined AI infrastructure management and operations through Cisco Networking Cloud solutions.
  5. Digital Experience Monitoring by ThousandEyes, offering AI-driven insights and automated issue resolution across cloud and on-premises networks.
  6. Cisco Observability Platform leveraging AI capabilities to enhance visibility and actionable insights for improved digital experiences.
  7. Expansion of Cisco’s global partner ecosystem to provide comprehensive support and guidance for AI adoption and automation.

The collaboration has garnered praise from industry experts, with Vladimir Ester, Chief Technology Officer of ClusterPower, lauding the innovation aimed at meeting the escalating demand for AI compute power. Similarly, Neil Anderson, Vice President of Cloud & Infrastructure Solutions at WWT, expressed excitement over the partnership’s potential to accelerate the delivery of AI solutions to clients.

As organizations embark on their AI journey, understanding the unique infrastructure requirements is paramount. Vijay Bhagavath, Vice President of Cloud & Data Center Networks at IDC Research, commended the Cisco and NVIDIA partnership for offering performance-optimized Ethernet-based infrastructure, enabling customers to fully leverage the potential of AI.


The collaboration between Cisco and NVIDIA represents a significant advancement in the market for AI infrastructure solutions. By combining their respective strengths, they are poised to meet the evolving needs of enterprises seeking to harness the power of AI for business transformation. This strategic partnership not only simplifies the adoption of AI but also underscores the critical role of robust, secure infrastructure in driving AI-driven innovation across industries.