Coca-Cola introduces Coke SoundZ, an AI-powered musical instrument

  • Coca-Cola introduces Coke SoundZ, a revolutionary AI-infused musical instrument.
  • The app allows users to create melodies based on the sounds of opening and sipping a Coke.
  • Coca-Cola collaborates with cognitive scientist Katherine Lewis to integrate neuroscience principles into the AI framework.
  • A physical version of Coke SoundZ resembling a Coke Zero bottle is distributed to DJs and creators.
  • This initiative builds on Coca-Cola’s previous AI-centric marketing campaigns, signaling a strategic focus on innovation and consumer engagement.

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Coca-Cola’s latest unveiling, an unprecedented fusion of technology and consumer experience, introduces a revolutionary musical instrument driven by artificial intelligence and neuroscience. This pioneering creation aims to encapsulate the multisensory delight of enjoying a Coca-Cola beverage into a unique musical encounter.

The newly launched app, Coke SoundZ, empowers users to orchestrate their own harmonies inspired by the auditory sensations of uncapping and relishing a bottle of Coke. Each sound, meticulously curated to perfection, from the crisp ‘phsst’ to the effervescent ‘fizz,’ aims to elicit an unparalleled pleasure response in the listener’s mind.

With a sleek and intuitive interface, the app presents five distinct toggles, each representing iconic cola sounds, alongside an ‘AI generate’ button, suggestive of sophisticated algorithmic sound manipulation. While the intricacies of AI integration remain veiled, Coca-Cola emphasizes its role in scrutinizing waveform nuances inherent in soda consumption sounds.

Despite persistent inquiries regarding the AI’s operational intricacies, Coca-Cola maintains a deliberate vagueness. Similarly, insights into the neuroscience fundamentals underpinning this innovation remain scarce. Through collaboration with cognitive scientist Katherine Lewis, Coca-Cola endeavors to infuse scientific principles into the AI architecture, aiming to orchestrate an auditory journey that triggers dopamine release, fostering anticipation and enjoyment.

In tandem with its digital counterpart, Coca-Cola unveils a physical rendition of Coke SoundZ, mirroring the iconic glass bottle. Distributed among a select cadre of DJs and creators, this tangible instrument expands creative horizons, offering an array of additional sound settings and synth tones for musical exploration.

This ambitious initiative stands as a testament to Coca-Cola’s unwavering commitment to pioneering AI-centric marketing ventures. Building upon past triumphs such as the AI-driven Sphere campaign and the ‘Create Real Magic’ challenge, Coke SoundZ emerges as the culmination of the ongoing Real Magic campaign. Developed in collaboration with industry leaders WPP Open X and AKQA, this visionary instrument heralds a new era in music-centric brand initiatives, already making significant strides in promoting Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.


Coca-Cola’s launch of Coke SoundZ signifies a bold step into AI-driven marketing, leveraging technology and neuroscience to enhance consumer engagement. This innovative approach not only reinforces Coca-Cola’s brand identity but also sets a precedent for future advancements in music-centric brand initiatives, potentially reshaping the market landscape for beverage companies seeking to leverage AI and experiential marketing strategies.