Cognizant Strengthens Technology Collaboration with CNO Financial Group


  • Cognizant reaffirms its partnership with CNO Financial Group, focusing on technology optimization.
  • The collaboration aims to enhance CNO’s services using cloud, digital, and AI technologies.
  • Cognizant will provide end-to-end technology services and leverage generative AI solutions.
  • CNO emphasizes the importance of partnerships to enhance technology capabilities and service delivery efficiency.
  • Cognizant expresses excitement about leveraging expertise to support CNO’s strategic objectives, focusing on personalized, digital solutions.

Main AI News:

In a recent development, Cognizant has reaffirmed its strategic alliance with CNO Financial Group, Inc., a prominent provider of insurance, financial services, and workforce benefits solutions targeted at middle-income America. This partnership underscores Cognizant’s commitment to enhancing and optimizing CNO’s technology-driven services utilizing cloud, digital, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

Cognizant’s role extends to providing comprehensive technology services and leveraging cutting-edge delivery frameworks and service offerings. Moreover, the incorporation of generative AI (gen AI) technologies is set to revolutionize CNO’s technological landscape, spanning infrastructure, applications, enterprise software, and engineering domains.

Cognizant brings to the table a wealth of experience in assisting North American life insurers in transitioning from traditional operating environments to digital ecosystems, thus empowering them to embrace the latest technological advancements.

According to Mike Mead, Chief Information Officer at CNO Financial Group, “We remain steadfast in our pursuit of partnerships that elevate our technological capabilities, enhance service delivery efficiency, and foster integrated capabilities aimed at continually enhancing our support for customers, associates, and agents.” Mead emphasizes the value of the ongoing collaboration with Cognizant in leveraging productivity tools and advancing automation, artificial intelligence, technology transformation, and process optimization initiatives.

Sarat Varanasi, North America Insurance Business Unit Leader at Cognizant, expresses enthusiasm about the continued collaboration with CNO, stating, “We are excited to embark on this transformational journey with CNO, leveraging Cognizant’s expansive expertise, gen AI investments, and ecosystem partnerships to align with CNO’s mission and strategic business objectives.” Varanasi underscores CNO’s status as a valued client and emphasizes Cognizant’s commitment to delivering technology services that address evolving customer expectations, particularly the growing demand for personalized, digital, and convenient solutions.


The deepening partnership between Cognizant and CNO Financial Group signifies a strategic move towards leveraging advanced technologies to enhance service delivery and customer experiences in the insurance and financial services market. This collaboration underscores the increasing importance of digital transformation and AI adoption in meeting evolving customer expectations and competitive pressures within the industry.