Commencis Introduces Turkish LLM for Banking and Finance Sector

  • Commencis launches Commencis LLM, a Turkish-specific large language model (LLM) for banking and financial services.
  • The model is tailored with sector-specific data sets to automate customer service, content generation, and data analysis.
  • Commencis LLM is highly versatile and can be customized for other sectors like aviation, insurance, and telecommunications.
  • Developed with top-notch privacy and security standards, it offers an on-prem installation option for companies.
  • Commencis LLM boasts advanced Turkish language skills, honed through extensive research and training on Amazon Web Services’ GPUs.
  • CEO Firat Isbecer highlights its potential to reduce costs, enhance service quality, and drive customer loyalty in financial services.

Main AI News:

In a strategic move to revolutionize digital transformation in the banking and financial services sector, Commencis, a renowned leader in cutting-edge technology solutions, has unveiled its latest innovation: Commencis LLM. This Turkish-specific Large Language Model (LLM) is meticulously crafted to cater specifically to the intricate needs of the Turkish banking and financial landscape. Harnessing the power of customized data sets tailored meticulously for these sectors, this groundbreaking model is poised to redefine customer service, content generation, and data analysis for both users and customers.

Commencis LLM: Pioneering Tailored Solutions for Sector-specific Demands

Built upon sector-specific requirements and meticulously curated data sets, Commencis LLM boasts unparalleled capabilities to enhance user experiences across critical functions such as live support and data analytics. Its remarkable adaptability extends beyond the realms of banking and finance, seamlessly integrating into diverse sectors including aviation, insurance, and telecommunications. Upholding the highest standards of privacy and security, this Language Model offers the flexibility of on-premises installation, empowering companies to leverage its capabilities securely within their existing infrastructure.

Elevating Turkish Language Skills to Unprecedented Heights

At the heart of Commencis LLM lies a culmination of extensive research, data production, and rigorous training activities. Leveraging the formidable prowess of Amazon Web Services’ high-performance GPUs, the Commencis engineering team embarked on a transformative journey spanning over three months. The outcome? A language model endowed with unparalleled Turkish language proficiency, capable of fueling AI-based chat assistants adept at responding to user queries and navigating diverse domains, particularly within the banking and financial realm.

Firat Isbecer, Commencis’ Visionary Leader, Speaks Out

Firat Isbecer, the Co-founder and CEO of Commencis, heralds this momentous launch as a testament to over two decades of industry expertise. “Through collaborative endeavors with leading banks and financial services providers, we’ve scripted remarkable digital success stories,” affirms Isbecer. He envisions Commencis LLM as a game-changer, poised to streamline customer experiences and expedite issue resolution in the financial sphere, thereby driving down costs and elevating service quality.

Charting a Course Towards Enhanced Customer Experiences

Commencis LLM epitomizes our commitment to delivering unparalleled understanding and interaction capabilities, fostering superior customer experiences while bolstering operational efficiencies in financial services,” asserts Isbecer. Looking ahead, Commencis remains steadfast in its mission to empower clients with enhanced customer loyalty and a competitive edge, leveraging hyper-personalization and rapid response technologies.


Commencis’ introduction of the Turkish LLM marks a significant advancement in digital transformation for the banking and finance sector. With its tailored capabilities, advanced language skills, and focus on enhancing customer experiences while driving down costs, it sets a new standard for innovation in the market. Companies leveraging this technology stand to gain a competitive edge through improved service quality, enhanced personalization, and strengthened security measures.