Context Labs and Microsoft Forge Strategic Partnership to Advance Environmental Transparency and Trust in Asset-Grade Climate Data


  • Context Labs partners with Microsoft to accelerate the journey to net-zero emissions.
  • The collaboration focuses on integrating sensor platforms for precise emissions and environmental data quantification.
  • The Immutably™-enabled DaaS™ platform on Microsoft Azure facilitates seamless data integration and climate disclosure.
  • Customers benefit from operational improvements, environmental responsibility, and financial gains.
  • Third-party sensor partners join the ecosystem, offering digitally quantified climate and sustainability data intelligence.
  • CEOs of Context Labs and Microsoft highlight the collaboration’s potential for driving climate intelligence and achieving net-zero emissions.

Main AI News:

In a significant move for the corporate world, Context Labs, a renowned enterprise specializing in data fabric-based climate analytics, has officially announced a groundbreaking collaboration with tech giant Microsoft. This dynamic partnership is poised to play a pivotal role in assisting companies in their quest to swiftly transition toward achieving net-zero status. The crux of this collaboration lies in seamlessly integrating cutting-edge sensor platforms and technologies, facilitating the digital quantification of emissions and environmental data. This monumental achievement serves as a linchpin for accurately recording, reporting, and ultimately reducing environmental impact, effectively paving the way for the global energy transition.

With the current regulatory landscape emphasizing the urgency of substantial reductions in methane emissions, the market hungers for an innovative solution to address climate concerns head-on. Enter Context Labs’ revolutionary Immutably™-enabled DaaS (Decarbonization-as-a-Service™) platform, now proudly hosted on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, and unveiled at COP28. This state-of-the-art enterprise-scale data fabric seamlessly incorporates an array of instrumentation partners, significantly elevating empirical emissions and environmental quantification. Its role in underpinning climate disclosure and security strategies, while championing the importance of trustworthy information, cannot be overstated. Excitingly, the Context Labs platform and its groundbreaking components are now readily accessible through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

DaaS™ represents a watershed moment in the realm of streaming climate data pipelines. This innovative technology empowers the integration of all sensors, spanning from bottom-up to top-down, into an AI-enabled contextual framework. The result? Deeper analytics and insights that unlock the full potential of climate data. DaaS™ adeptly absorbs data from diverse sources, including satellites, airborne assets, drones, ground sensors, SCADA real-time data, and other operational resources. By doing so, it unveils the undeniable truth of a customer’s actual carbon intensity.

The benefits reaped by customers are threefold: operational improvements, environmental stewardship, and financial gains. Context Labs’ pioneering technology seamlessly integrates instrument data sources with high-resolution digital twins of operating assets. This facilitates precise, transparent assignment of emissions events, underpinned by empirical data. The result? Organizations can confidently work towards their climate and net-zero targets, all while having quantified data at their disposal to offset any residual emissions through carbon credits.

Ecosystem Partners Unite in the Pursuit of Net-Zero Goals with Asset-Grade Data (AGD™)

The collaboration extends its reach to third-party instrumentation and sensor partners. These entities will integrate seamlessly with the Context Labs Immutably™-enabled DaaS™-on-Azure platform solution, heralding the dawn of a novel ecosystem. Within this digital landscape, climate and sustainable data intelligence and analytics will be precisely quantified and readily available.

Dan Harple, the visionary founder and CEO of Context Labs, emphasizes the significance of this collaboration, stating, “When deployed on Microsoft Azure, with its enhanced security and OpenAI tooling, Context Labs is enabling a diverse ecosystem of instrumentation and sensor partners to provide digitally quantified integration on our Decarbonization-as-a-Service platform. By utilizing Azure OpenAI Service and machine learning, we are fast-tracking climate intelligence analytics to a pace where genuine change can materialize. This is the defining challenge of our era, and we are now equipped to deliver a globally scaled digital ecosystem that empowers our customers to achieve net-zero emissions.”

Darryl Willis, Corporate Vice President, Energy & Resources Industry at Microsoft, echoes the sentiment, asserting, “With greenhouse gas emissions continuing to rise year-over-year—and global energy demand increasing with population and economic growth—this collaboration arrives at a pivotal time in our ongoing efforts to combat climate change and meet emissions reduction goals. Working together, Context Labs and Microsoft are enabling companies to compile and act upon trusted climate data, to accelerate the goal of a net zero sustainable future.”


The collaboration between Context Labs and Microsoft is poised to revolutionize the market by enabling companies to compile and act upon trusted climate data, accelerating progress toward net-zero emissions. This partnership underscores the importance of transparency, data quantification, and environmental responsibility in achieving a sustainable, net-zero future.