Crosby Health’s $2.2 Million Boost: Unveiling Apollo, Clinical LLM

  • Crosby Health introduces Apollo, a cutting-edge clinical large language model (LLM), after securing $2.2 million in pre-seed funding.
  • Apollo stands out for its superior capacity and medical knowledge, promising to streamline administrative tasks in healthcare.
  • The AI-driven model automates revenue cycle operations, including medical coding and denial management, saving time and costs.
  • With Apollo’s innovative approach to insurance denial management, clinicians can craft appeal letters swiftly, enhancing efficiency by over 98%.
  • EmpowerMe, a startup, experienced a 300% increase in appeal processing speed after adopting Apollo.
  • Strategic partnerships and platform integration extend Apollo’s capabilities to organizations, driving operational excellence and financial viability.

Main AI News:

In a monumental stride towards healthcare automation, Crosby Health proudly introduces Apollo, its groundbreaking clinical large language model (LLM). Backed by a substantial $2.2 million pre-seed funding round led by Amplo Ventures, alongside NOMO Ventures and angel investors, this launch marks a pivotal moment in medical technology advancement.

Apollo emerges as the pinnacle of LLM sophistication, surpassing its predecessors with an unparalleled capacity and superior medical knowledge acumen. With a keen focus on streamlining administrative burdens, Crosby Health’s Apollo presents innovative solutions, particularly in deciphering unstructured clinical documentation. From expediting clinical appeals initiation to monitoring outcomes, Apollo promises to revolutionize healthcare workflows.

The staggering costs associated with battling claim denials—amounting to tens of billions annually—prompt a dire need for efficiency enhancement. Apollo rises to the challenge by leveraging AI to automate revenue cycle operations, including medical coding and denial management. By meticulously analyzing clinical documentation, Apollo mitigates inefficiencies and optimizes resource allocation, saving both time and costs for healthcare providers.

At the forefront of insurance denial management, Apollo integrates cutting-edge AI technology to craft robust appeal letters swiftly. This approach slashes the time required by over 98%, empowering clinicians to dedicate their expertise where it matters most—patient care. Boasting an expansive context window of over 200k, Apollo sets a new standard for clinical LLMs, evidenced by its remarkable 89.7% score on medical license board exam questions.

Moreover, Apollo extends its support beyond denial management, offering AI-driven medical coding and chart review services. By unlocking additional revenue streams for healthcare providers, Apollo facilitates sustainable growth while optimizing operational efficiency.

Crosby Health extends Apollo’s capabilities to organizations through strategic partnerships and platform integration. EmpowerMe, a community-driven startup, exemplifies Apollo’s transformative potential, achieving a 300% increase in appeal processing speed since adopting the technology.

Our AI is reshaping healthcare administrative landscapes, liberating clinical resources for patient-centric care,” remarks Rishi Gowda, CEO and Co-Founder of Crosby Health. “With Apollo, healthcare providers can now pursue 100% of denials with confidence, driving financial viability and operational excellence.”

Dr. Jody Mitchell, Chief Medical Officer of EmpowerMe, echoes this sentiment, affirming, “Partnering with Crosby Health and leveraging Apollo has revolutionized our organization, elevating our appeal team’s efficiency and fostering trust in AI-driven solutions.”

Amplo Ventures’ Partner, Sam Garcia, expresses pride in supporting Crosby Health’s visionary approach, underscoring Apollo’s potential to reshape healthcare operations and enhance financial outcomes for providers.

As Apollo continues to redefine healthcare paradigms, Crosby Health remains steadfast in its commitment to pioneering transformative solutions that empower providers and elevate patient care standards.


Crosby Health’s unveiling of Apollo signifies a significant leap forward in healthcare automation. With its transformative potential to streamline administrative tasks and optimize revenue cycles, Apollo is poised to reshape healthcare operations. Strategic partnerships and successful case studies underscore Apollo’s market demand, signaling a shift towards AI-driven solutions in the healthcare sector.