CS Launches Artificial Intelligence Framework of J&K


  • Chief Secretary, Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta, launches the Artificial Intelligence Framework for Jammu and Kashmir as part of the Digital J&K Mission.
  • The framework aims to harness the potential of AI to transform various sectors and improve citizens’ lives.
  • J&K ranks first among Union Territories in NeSDA rankings of DARPG, reflecting improved governance through digital technologies.
  • The Governance system in J&K has become inclusive, involving citizens at all levels through the Jan Bhagidari Portal.
  • With the AI Framework, J&K aims to become a leader in AI technology, fostering social innovations and driving sustainable development.

Main AI News:

In a remarkable step towards accelerating technological progress and ushering in socio-economic development in Jammu and Kashmir, Chief Secretary, Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta, successfully unveiled the much-anticipated Artificial Intelligence Framework as a significant part of the prestigious Digital J&K Mission.

The momentous event witnessed the presence of distinguished personalities, including Commissioner Secretary, Information Technology, Prerna Puri, Director Information, Minga Sherpa, and other esteemed senior officers from the department.

In his address following the launch, the Chief Secretary emphasized the pioneering nature of this framework, as it aims to leverage the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across various sectors and improve the lives of citizens. He expressed his optimism that the AI Framework’s revelation would mark a defining milestone in their vision to embrace cutting-edge technologies, revolutionize governance, enhance public services, and bolster economic growth, showcasing a series of remarkable achievements over the last couple of years.

Dr. Mehta proudly highlighted the phenomenal growth of IT services in the region, attributing it to the concerted efforts of the Digital J&K Mission. With over 602 services now accessible to citizens online, Jammu and Kashmir have secured the top spot among all Union Territories in NeSDA rankings of DARPG. This achievement reflects the substantial improvement in the overall governance system, thanks to the integration of digital technologies.

The Chief Secretary further underscored the transformative impact of the Governance system, which has now become inclusive, involving citizens from the grassroots level up to the administrative level. This inclusive approach is made possible through the innovative Jan Bhagidari (Empowerment) Portal, which has established an accountable and transparent governance system in Jammu and Kashmir, enabling citizens to actively participate in monitoring the progress of development initiatives.

With the successful launch of the Artificial Intelligence Framework, Jammu and Kashmir is poised to emerge as a leader in AI technology, fostering social innovations and realizing the vision of a technologically advanced and digitally empowered region. The transformative power of this framework will empower the government, citizens, and industries alike to unlock the full potential of AI and drive sustainable development across the region.

The event also featured a detailed presentation by Commissioner Secretary Prerna Puri, shedding light on the comprehensive objectives of the AI Framework and the anticipated outcomes it is expected to deliver, setting new benchmarks in effective governance with transparency and accountability as its hallmark.


The launch of the Artificial Intelligence Framework in Jammu and Kashmir represents a significant leap toward technological advancement and economic growth in the region. With a focus on leveraging AI’s transformative potential, J&K is positioning itself as a leader in the field, fostering innovation and inclusive governance. This move is likely to create new opportunities and drive progress in the market, attracting investments and propelling the region toward a technologically empowered future. Businesses in the AI sector should keep a close eye on developments in J&K, as it holds the potential to become a thriving hub for AI-driven solutions and services.