David Sacks unveils Glue, the AI firm he’s been hinting about on his All In podcast

  • David Sacks and Evan Owen launch Glue to address “Slack channel fatigue” with topic-based threads and GenAI.
  • Glue, backed by Craft Ventures, offers a focused alternative to traditional channel-centric platforms like Slack.
  • The platform’s UI resembles Slack’s but tailors content to individual users, promoting swift task-oriented conversations.
  • Glue integrates AI seamlessly, offering features like thread summarization and contextual insights.
  • Priced competitively at $7 per employee per month, Glue undercuts Slack’s basic package.
  • Glue’s imminent debut teased on All In suggests significant investor interest and potential high valuation.

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If you’re a Slack user in a professional setting, you’ve probably experienced the incessant growth of channels you’re added to. David Sacks, a prominent figure on the All In podcast and a serial entrepreneur known for ventures like Yammer, which Microsoft acquired for $1.2 billion in 2012, claims he has the solution. Collaborating with Evan Owen, former VP of engineering at Zinc, acquired by ServiceMax in 2019, they’ve launched Glue.

Glue, emerging from stealth on Tuesday, addresses what Sacks terms “Slack channel fatigue.” It introduces topic-based threads and leverages GenAI. Craft Ventures, founded by Sacks, nurtured Glue through multiple seed rounds. Born in 2021 from the ideas of Sacks and Owen, Glue aims to innovate workplace messaging.

Sacks emphasizes the need for innovation in the face of Slack’s perceived noise. Glue’s thread-based approach contrasts with channel-centric platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams. By organizing communication into threads, Glue offers a focused and less overwhelming experience.

Glue’s UI resembles Slack’s but tailors content to individual users. Owen highlights the ephemeral nature of Glue’s threads, promoting swift task-oriented conversations. Moreover, Glue’s integration of AI within the chat environment sets it apart. Sacks envisions AI as a virtual team member, seamlessly blending with human interaction.

Glue’s AI capabilities, powered by ChatGPT or Anthropic’s Claude AI, offer thread summarization and contextual insights. While AI integration in corporate chat isn’t new, Glue’s approach aims for synergy between human and AI interaction, a feat Sacks believes rivals struggle to replicate.

Craft Ventures, having internally used Glue for a year, now opens it to other companies. Priced at $7 per employee per month after a trial period, Glue undercuts Slack’s basic package pricing. Sacks hints at potential external funding post-launch, banking on Glue’s product strength.

Teasing Glue’s arrival on All In, Sacks anticipates investor interest, hinting at a high valuation. Positioned as an AI company, Glue reflects Sacks’ strategic foresight and investor appeal.


Glue’s emergence signals a significant shift in the workplace communication market. By addressing the issue of “Slack channel fatigue” and offering innovative features like AI integration and topic-based threads, Glue presents a compelling alternative to existing platforms. Its competitive pricing and endorsement from industry insiders like David Sacks hint at a promising future, potentially disrupting the dominance of established players like Slack.