Doly Facilitates 3D Product Video Creation Directly from Your iPhone (Video)

  • AniML, a French startup, introduces Doly, an iPhone app facilitating the creation of professional 3D product videos.
  • Doly simplifies the traditionally complex process of 3D model generation through intuitive smartphone-based capture.
  • The app employs Gaussian splatting, a cutting-edge rendering pipeline, to transform captured images into realistic 3D models.
  • AniML founders leverage their expertise and track record in VR technology to drive innovation in 3D visualization.
  • Doly offers a variety of customizable templates for integrating products into dynamic 3D scenes, enhancing marketing presentations.
  • Users can seamlessly purchase and download their generated videos directly within the app.

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AniML, the innovative French startup behind Doly, a groundbreaking 3D capture application, aims to revolutionize the landscape of product videos, akin to the impact PhotoRoom had on static images. Whether you’re marketing sneakers on an e-commerce platform or crafting captivating Instagram advertisements for your direct-to-consumer products, Doly empowers you to effortlessly generate 3D models using your smartphone and seamlessly transform them into polished product videos.

While the realm of video production is renowned for its complexity, the process of generating a high-quality 3D model presents even greater challenges. Recognizing this, the AniML team has dedicated their efforts to streamlining the user experience, with the ultimate goal of making 3D capture technology accessible to a broad audience. Their approach begins with the development of an intuitive iPhone application.

Here’s the workflow behind Doly’s 3D capture functionality: Users utilize their phone’s camera to focus on the desired product, maneuvering around it to capture its dimensions in 3D. Behind the scenes, the application captures still images and transmits them to the cloud. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms, AniML has engineered a reconstruction pipeline based on Gaussian splatting, which transforms these images into lifelike 3D models.

Traditionally, 3D models are constructed using a framework of points in 3D space, overlaid with 2D textures and lighting effects. Gaussian splatting represents a paradigm shift in rendering technology, employing a pre-trained AI model to estimate a 3D point cloud from a series of 2D images.

Rémi Rousseau, Co-founder and CEO of AniML, elaborates on the genesis of their approach: “Our journey began with a pivotal technological breakthrough: the integration of AI into the realm of 3D. Notably, pioneers at Facebook and Google spearheaded research in this domain, culminating in a seminal paper on Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF). This marked a paradigm shift, wherein machine learning assumes the mantle of 3D reconstruction.”

He continues, “We’ve transitioned from conventional polygon-based 3D modeling to a neural-based approach, epitomized by Gaussian splatting.”

While Gaussian splatting diverges from NeRF in its methodology, it represents a contemporary evolution in 3D modeling, as Rousseau asserts.

Beyond the technical innovations, AniML has prioritized identifying compelling use cases to drive user adoption. E-commerce emerged as a natural fit for a tool that simplifies 3D model creation.

In addition to its core functionality, Doly offers a diverse array of templates. Users can select from a library of 3D scenes to seamlessly integrate their objects into various settings, ranging from simple rotations against a plain backdrop to dynamic marketing presentations featuring intricate camera movements and multiple perspectives.

Following the creation process, users have the option to purchase and download their videos directly within the app, offering a seamless experience from inception to execution.

Rousseau’s entrepreneurial journey includes founding two VR companies, notably Mimesys, which was acquired by Magic Leap in 2019. Co-founder Pierre Pontevia boasts a similarly impressive track record, having sold a company to Autodesk and another to Unity.

To date, AniML has secured $2 million in funding, with Adjacent spearheading the seed round. The startup has also received support from prominent figures in the tech community, including Nat Friedman and Daniel Gross of AI Grant, as well as investment from Kima Ventures and a cohort of angel investors.


The emergence of Doly signifies a significant leap forward in democratizing 3D visualization technology. By simplifying the process of creating professional-grade product videos, Doly opens doors for businesses of all sizes to enhance their marketing efforts and engage customers with captivating visuals. This shift has the potential to reshape the market landscape, making high-quality 3D content more accessible and prevalent across various industries.