DPO partners with Schneider Electric to develop modular AI data centers powered by wind energy

  • DPO and Schneider Electric collaborate to develop modular AI data centers powered by wind energy.
  • Aim to meet high-performance computing demands while prioritizing sustainability.
  • Depart from traditional power procurement methods, opting for direct energy sourcing from wind farms.
  • Strategic placement of data centers maximizes operational efficiency and cost savings.
  • Schneider Electric’s expertise in modular data center construction ensures seamless implementation.
  • Expansion plans include deploying similar centers across various renewable energy sites.

Main AI News:

In a strategic move to revolutionize the digital infrastructure landscape, Digital Power Optimization, Inc. (DPO) has forged a dynamic partnership with Schneider Electric, a pioneering force in energy management and automation, aimed at conceiving, building, and rolling out cutting-edge modular AI data centers. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in catering to the escalating demands of high-performance computing (HPC) while championing sustainability through wind energy utilization.

Departing from conventional practices of sourcing clean power via virtual power purchase agreements (PPAs) or offsets, these next-generation HPC facilities, fueled by AI applications, will predominantly harness energy from nearby wind farms. Through this alliance, DPO and Schneider Electric will synergize efforts to engineer power-dense data centers strategically positioned alongside renewable energy plants. This innovative approach not only facilitates the integration of new GPU-based computing but also drives operational efficiencies, thereby unlocking cost savings and bolstering sustainability by optimizing existing power generation infrastructure.

The collaboration with Schneider Electric signifies a pivotal moment for us,” remarked Andrew Webber, CEO of DPO. “Leveraging the expertise of partners entrenched in this domain is paramount as we tackle these pressing challenges on a large scale. We are thrilled to join forces with a seasoned team to materialize this groundbreaking concept of renewable-powered computing facilities.

Schneider Electric brings to the table a wealth of experience in engineering and constructing modular data center solutions, exemplified by its EcoStruxure offering. Beyond the initial 100 MW capacity slated for development at Texas wind farms, DPO and Schneider Electric envision an expansion of modular HPC data centers across DPO’s clientele, spanning diverse solar, wind, and hydroelectric installations.


This collaboration between DPO and Schneider Electric signifies a strategic leap towards addressing the growing demand for high-performance computing while prioritizing sustainability. By leveraging wind energy and innovative modular solutions, the partnership sets a precedent for the integration of renewable-powered data centers, potentially reshaping the market landscape and driving further investments in green technology.