Driving Efficiency: Attentive.ai Raises $7M to Transform Landscaping and Construction Services


  • Attentive.ai secures $7 million in Series A funding led by Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia and India.
  • The funding aims to enhance AI-driven solutions for landscaping and construction services.
  • Automeasure, a key offering, provides automated site measurements, revolutionizing traditional manual processes.
  • Accelerate, another tool, streamlines sales processes and operational workflows.
  • Attentive.ai targets market expansion and product development to solidify its leadership in the industry.

Main AI News:

Attentive.ai, a burgeoning force in the realm of landscaping and construction services automation, has secured a hefty $7 million in its latest funding round. This injection of capital is set to propel its AI-led solutions to greater heights, catering to a wider array of businesses within the industry.

The Series A funding, spearheaded by Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia and India, marks a significant milestone for Attentive.ai. Building on the momentum of an earlier $5 million seed investment, this round also saw continued support from existing backers such as Peak XV’s Surge and InfoEdge Ventures. Notably, Mumbai-based Tenacity Ventures joined the fray with a secondary investment, underlining the growing confidence in Attentive.ai’s vision and capabilities.

In an industry where manual processes have long been the norm, Attentive.ai stands out with its innovative approach powered by AI and computer vision technologies. By addressing the inefficiencies inherent in traditional methods, the startup aims to revolutionize how landscaping and construction companies operate.

The core offering from Attentive.ai comes in the form of a comprehensive business management platform tailored to the needs of the industry. Leveraging AI-driven workflows, this platform streamlines operations, saving both time and resources for companies ranging from industry stalwarts like Juniper and U.S. Lawns to emerging players such as Beary Landscaping and Greenscape.

At the heart of Attentive.ai’s solution is Automeasure, a groundbreaking tool that enables automated site measurements with remarkable precision. Gone are the days of painstaking manual assessments; now, businesses can swiftly obtain accurate estimates, paving the way for more informed decision-making and enhanced competitiveness in the market.

Furthermore, Attentive.ai’s commitment to customer satisfaction shines through its dedicated on-site assistance app, empowering ground staff with real-time data and seamless collaboration capabilities.

Beyond Automeasure, Attentive.ai offers Accelerate, a cloud-based software suite designed to streamline sales processes and operational workflows. With features such as production planning and live sales pipeline tracking, Accelerate equips businesses with the tools they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Looking ahead, Attentive.ai is poised for further growth and innovation. With a keen focus on product development and market expansion, the startup is well-positioned to cement its status as a leader in the realm of landscaping and construction services automation.


Attentive.ai’s substantial funding underscores a growing demand for automation in landscaping and construction services. With its innovative AI-led solutions, the startup is well-positioned to capitalize on market opportunities and drive efficiency in the industry. This investment signals a shift towards technology-driven solutions, paving the way for transformative changes in how businesses operate within the sector.