Egypt and Italy Announce Establishment of AI Hub in Cairo

  • Egypt and Italy announce plans to establish an AI hub in Cairo.
  • Aim is to advance AI research and applications across Africa.
  • Partnership solidified through a meeting between Italian and Egyptian ministers.
  • Hub to provide training and support for African countries in AI development.
  • Focus on fostering collaboration between Egyptian and Italian enterprises and research organizations.
  • Egypt’s strategic location highlighted as advantageous for hosting the AI center.

Main AI News:

In a significant move to propel artificial intelligence (AI) research and its practical applications across the African continent, Egypt and Italy have jointly unveiled plans to inaugurate an AI hub in Cairo.

A pivotal meeting held on Monday in Egypt’s New Administrative Capital between Adolfo Urso, the Italian Minister of Enterprises and Made in Italy, and Amr Talaat, the Egyptian Minister of Communications and Information Technology, marked the commencement of this groundbreaking partnership.

According to the official press release, the hub will serve as a catalyst for AI advancement and deployment throughout Africa, providing comprehensive training programs and support services to various African nations as they navigate this rapidly evolving field. Furthermore, it aims to foster collaboration between Egyptian and Italian enterprises as well as research institutions.

Minister Talaat underscored Egypt’s strategic significance as a pivotal data hub, effectively bridging the realms of the East and the West, thereby positioning it ideally for hosting such a critical AI center.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Minister Urso highlighted the geographical synergy between Italy and Egypt, situated at the heart of the Mediterranean and serving as junctions for three continents: Europe, Africa, and Asia. He emphasized Italy’s keen interest in leveraging Egypt’s strategic location, boasting robust port facilities, energy infrastructure, and extensive cable connections, to foster regional development.

Furthermore, Minister Urso accentuated Italy’s established prowess in AI and digital technology, underscoring the strategic advantage offered by Egypt’s central location, strategically positioned at the nexus of Africa, Europe, and Asia.


The collaboration between Egypt and Italy to establish an AI hub in Cairo signifies a strategic move to advance AI research and applications across Africa. This initiative not only enhances bilateral ties but also opens up new opportunities for collaboration in the rapidly growing AI market, positioning both countries as key players in shaping the future of AI development in the region.