Elevating Performance Marketing: Moloco’s Agency Partner Program


  • Moloco launches an Agency Partner Program for performance agencies.
  • The program empowers agencies to scale performance, accelerate user acquisition, and assert industry leadership.
  • Benefits include access to training resources, industry insights, technical support, and early product access.
  • Moloco enlists 12 flagship agency partners, including Addict Mobile and Admiral Media.
  • The program leverages cutting-edge ML technology to optimize performance across mobile app placements.

Main AI News:

In a move set to redefine the landscape of performance advertising, Moloco, a trailblazer in operational machine learning (ML), has introduced its highly anticipated Agency Partner Program. Designed to empower agencies with the tools and resources needed to supercharge client success, this program marks a significant step towards revolutionizing mobile app advertising.

The Moloco Agency Partner Program is engineered to deliver comprehensive benefits aimed at driving agency revenue and bolstering their position as leaders in the performance marketing sphere. Through this initiative, agencies can expect to:

  • Win New Business: Leveraging Moloco’s extensive training resources, pitch support, and enticing incentives, agencies can significantly enhance their ability to secure new clients and expand their portfolio.
  • Drive Client Success: Gain access to invaluable industry insights, technical support, sales resources, and exclusive early access to cutting-edge products, all aimed at driving unparalleled success for client campaigns.
  • Amplify Agency Presence: Showcase expertise in operational ML and assert industry leadership through certifications, prestigious awards, and unparalleled marketing opportunities, further solidifying their reputation as industry frontrunners.

Catering to a diverse array of global regions and industries, Moloco has already enlisted the support of 12 flagship agency partners, including renowned names such as Addict Mobile, Admiral Media, Appvertiser, and Winclap. These partnerships serve as a testament to Moloco’s unwavering commitment to driving innovation and fostering growth within the advertising ecosystem.

Commenting on the launch, Dan Stephen, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships at Moloco, expressed his excitement about the potential of the Agency Partner Program. “By equipping agencies with greater tools and knowledge, Moloco comes closer to achieving a future where any global business can leverage advanced ML to achieve their goals and foster growth,” said Stephen. “We’re excited to build an ecosystem of agency partners and support their growth by helping them build new services and revenue streams on top of our award-winning technology.”

At the heart of the program lies Moloco’s cutting-edge ML technology, which empowers agency ad buyers to unlock the full potential of the open internet. This unparalleled technology enables agencies to optimize performance across mobile app placements, providing the agility needed to manage campaigns in real-time and deliver tangible value for clients.

Testimonials from industry leaders further underscore the transformative impact of Moloco’s partnership program. Andre Kempe, CEO of Admiral Media, praised the collaboration, stating, “The innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology provided by Moloco empower us to deliver outstanding results and stay at the forefront of the performance marketing industry.”

Likewise, Agustin Ochoa, Performance Senior Manager at Winclap, commended Moloco’s data-driven approach, emphasizing the partnership’s role in consistently driving growth and success for their clients’ businesses.


Moloco’s introduction of the Agency Partner Program signifies a strategic move towards enhancing collaboration with performance agencies and driving innovation in the mobile advertising landscape. By providing agencies with access to advanced ML technology and a suite of comprehensive benefits, Moloco aims to catalyze growth, foster industry leadership, and unlock new avenues for success in the fiercely competitive market of performance marketing.