Empowering Underwriting Excellence: Convr AI’s ROI Calculator Revolutionizes Insurance Operations

  • Convr AI launches a free online ROI calculator for underwriting leaders in commercial insurance.
  • Users input data to estimate improvements in submission processing time, revenue growth, and overall business performance.
  • The calculator showcases the transformative potential of Convr’s Intake AI and Risk 360 AI products.
  • Intake AI streamlines the application process, saving time and resources while enhancing revenue growth.
  • Risk 360 AI reduces data gathering time, boosts win rates, and identifies opportunities for underwriting teams.

Main AI News:

Convr AI, a pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) firm dedicated to supporting commercial insurance enterprises, is revolutionizing the landscape of underwriting operations. By offering underwriting leaders the tools to envision the future of their operations, Convr AI is empowering them to assess their ROI potential with precision.

In a strategic move, Convr is unveiling a cutting-edge online Return on Investment (ROI) calculator, accessible free of charge on convr.com. This innovative tool enables users to input relevant data, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of potential enhancements to their business performance. Parameters such as submission processing volume, bound policies, and average monthly premiums form the basis for estimating the transformative impact that Convr can deliver.

Upon completing the calculations, users gain invaluable insights into the capabilities of Convr’s Intake AI product, particularly in terms of time savings in submission processing and revenue augmentation facilitated by Risk 360 AI.

John Stammen, CEO of Convr, emphasizes the significance of this tool, stating, “Our online ROI calculator provides a lucid depiction of how Convr AI can revolutionize underwriting operations for commercial P&C insurers. Built by underwriters, for underwriters, we are uniquely positioned to reshape the future of underwriting. This calculator serves as a crystal ball, showcasing the tangible benefits that underwriting teams can derive from harnessing the power of our AI.”

The calculator offers a simulated glimpse into the potential ROI that underwriting teams could unlock by integrating Convr’s underwriting workbench into their processes.

Intake AI and Your ROI: Driving Efficiency and Savings

Convr’s Intake AI solution is engineered to deliver substantial annual cost savings by streamlining the insurance application process. By automating the ingestion, preparation, and analysis of submissions, Convr eliminates the need for manual paperwork, thereby saving both time and resources. Furthermore, the enhanced ease of data collection and improved agent satisfaction translate into accelerated revenue growth.

Risk 360 AI and Your ROI: Maximizing Insights and Profitability

Convr’s Risk 360 AI platform optimizes the efficiency of underwriting teams by minimizing the time spent on data aggregation. Through Answers AI, our AI models, specifically trained for insurance applications, expedite the completion of forms and classifications. This seamless interaction with agents results in heightened win rates and increased premium generation, all without requiring additional resources. Additionally, Convr’s Risk Score AI provides invaluable insights, empowering underwriting teams to identify and capitalize on emerging risks and opportunities.


Convr AI’s introduction of a free online ROI calculator signifies a pivotal shift in the landscape of commercial insurance underwriting. By providing tangible insights into the potential benefits of integrating AI solutions, Convr empowers underwriting teams to make informed decisions that drive efficiency, savings, and profitability. This move underscores the growing importance of AI-driven tools in optimizing operations within the insurance market, heralding a new era of data-driven underwriting excellence.