Enso Secures $6M Seed Funding to Democratize AI for SMBs

  • Enso secures $6M seed funding to democratize AI for SMBs.
  • Founded by Mickey Haslavsky, co-founder of RapidAPI, Enso offers preprogrammed AI agents tailored for 70+ industries.
  • Agents automate tasks like SEO management, social media engagement, and competitive analysis.
  • Subscription model priced between $29 to $79 per month per agent aims to be affordable for SMBs.
  • Focus on integration and user-friendly adoption to bridge the gap between SMBs and enterprise-level automation.
  • Plans to introduce a marketplace for third-party agents and develop visual tools for custom agent creation.

Main AI News:

Enso, a pioneering startup founded by Mickey Haslavsky, has emerged from stealth mode with a significant $6 million seed funding round. The funding, announced on Tuesday, aims to empower small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with accessible AI agents designed to streamline operations.

Enso’s innovative approach centers on providing preprogrammed AI agents tailored for diverse industries, ranging from SEO management to social media engagement and competitive analysis. These agents, totaling over 1,000, are customized for approximately 70 different sectors, including accounting firms and auto dealerships. Each agent offers robust functionality, automating tasks such as invoice management, newsletter creation, and Amazon store optimization.

Haslavsky, drawing inspiration from his entrepreneurial roots and previous success with RapidAPI, underscores Enso’s commitment to integration. “Enso bridges the gap between SMBs and enterprise-level automation,” he explains. “Our agents not only enhance operational efficiency but also democratize access to sophisticated AI capabilities previously reserved for larger corporations.”

The subscription-based model, priced between $29 to $79 per month per agent, reflects Enso’s dedication to affordability and scalability for SMBs. Haslavsky emphasizes the ease of adoption, aiming to alleviate budget constraints commonly faced by smaller enterprises.

While Enso’s AI agents promise to automate routine tasks effectively, questions remain regarding their real-world efficacy and acceptance among business owners. Haslavsky acknowledges the ongoing role of human oversight, particularly in content creation and strategic decision-making processes.

Looking ahead, Enso plans to expand its offerings by introducing a marketplace for third-party agents and developing intuitive visual tools for custom agent creation. The company’s vision is to empower traditional businesses with enterprise-grade AI tools, catalyzing productivity gains and operational excellence.

The $6 million seed round was led by NFX Ventures, with support from notable investors like Yossi Matias of Google Research and Shmil Levy, formerly of Sequoia Capital. Gigi Levy-Weiss, partner at NFX Ventures, underscores Enso’s potential to transform the SMB landscape, democratizing AI and fostering economic growth.


Enso’s innovative approach not only addresses the automation needs of SMBs but also democratizes access to advanced AI capabilities traditionally reserved for larger enterprises. This strategic initiative marks a significant advancement in the market, potentially transforming how smaller businesses operate and compete in an increasingly digital business landscape.


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