Entrust is acquiring Onfido, a leading AI-based identity verification startup, for over $400 million


  • Entrust is acquiring Onfido, a leading identity verification startup, for over $400 million.
  • The deal is pending regulatory approvals but aims to integrate Onfido’s AI-based tools into Entrust’s services.
  • Onfido’s journey mirrors tech trends, securing investments during the AI boom and thriving amid the pandemic’s digital shift.
  • The acquisition highlights Entrust’s strategic move to strengthen its identity lifecycle management solutions.
  • Both companies envision a future where advanced digital identity verification redefines trust in the digital realm.

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Entrust is set to acquire Onfido, a pioneering startup in identity verification leveraging AI tools, in a deal reportedly exceeding $400 million. The acquisition, still undergoing regulatory approvals, signifies Entrust’s strategic move to bolster its suite of certification and verification services. Integrating Onfido’s cutting-edge technology into its ecosystem will position Entrust as a frontrunner in the identity lifecycle management arena.

Todd Wilkinson, CEO of Entrust, underscores the significance of this acquisition, emphasizing the consolidation of AI-based solutions as a pivotal driver. Onfido’s Atlas AI, among other tools, aligns seamlessly with Entrust’s commitment to innovation and security. The undisclosed financial terms notwithstanding, Wilkinson highlights Entrust’s profitability and substantial revenue, underlining its robust foundation in the industry.

Founded by Husayn Kassai, Onfido has traversed a trajectory parallel to the tech landscape’s evolution. From its inception in 2012 to securing investments from notable entities like TPG and Salesforce, Onfido has navigated through the AI boom and the digital transformation spurred by the pandemic. Despite facing economic fluctuations, Onfido’s reputation as a leader in digital identity verification remains unscathed, culminating in its acquisition by Entrust at a pivotal juncture.

The tech industry’s relentless pursuit of data security amidst escalating breaches underscores the strategic importance of identity management solutions. Entrust, renowned for its prowess in sensitive sectors like government and finance, stands poised to leverage Onfido’s expertise to address the evolving challenges of cybersecurity. This acquisition signifies a broader trend of consolidation within the tech landscape, streamlining solutions for end-users amidst a crowded marketplace.

Mike Tuchen, CEO of Onfido, expresses enthusiasm about the potential synergy between the two entities, envisioning a future where advanced digital identity verification solutions redefine trust in the digital realm. As discussions progress, both companies remain committed to ushering in a new era of digital trust, powered by AI-driven innovations and robust security measures.


The acquisition of Onfido by Entrust underscores a strategic move towards integrating AI-driven solutions into identity verification services. This signals a significant development in the market, where companies are increasingly focusing on bolstering cybersecurity measures and enhancing digital trust. The consolidation of Onfido’s cutting-edge technology with Entrust’s established expertise positions the merged entity as a frontrunner in addressing the evolving challenges of identity management, thereby shaping the future landscape of the industry.