Ex-Deepmind Talents Secure $220 Million for Parisian Agentic AI Venture

  • Ex-Deepmind scientists raise $220 million for their Paris-based agentic AI startup, H.
  • Investment breakdown undisclosed, but includes convertible bonds.
  • Led by Accel, with participation from Amazon, UiPath, and prominent French investors.
  • H specializes in “agentic” AI models, aiming to revolutionize task execution and collaboration.
  • UiPath plans commercial integration of H’s technology, foreseeing transformative effects on business automation.
  • Paris emerges as a hotspot for AI innovation, with H poised to lead the charge.

Main AI News:

Former Deepmind luminaries have orchestrated a substantial investment round of $220 million to propel their Paris-based agentic AI startup, H, into the forefront of technological innovation. The breakdown of this financial influx between equity and debt remains undisclosed. However, industry whispers suggest that up to $120 million might be attributed to convertible bonds, a strategic form of financing poised for conversion into equity under predetermined conditions.

Leading the charge in this investment endeavor is none other than esteemed US venture capital firm Accel, joined by heavyweight backers including tech titan Amazon and New York’s trailblazing robotic automation software company UiPath. Notably, UiPath’s involvement underscores a strategic alliance, as the company has already earmarked plans to integrate H’s groundbreaking technology into its own suite of offerings, envisioning a synergistic relationship that will redefine the landscape of business automation.

Bolstering this financial consortium are stalwart supporters such as French public bank Bpifrance and a cohort of Parisian investors including Eurazeo, Elaia Partners, Aglaé Ventures, and Motier Ventures. Not to be overlooked are the influential endorsements from luminaries like former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and French magnate Xavier Niel, alongside notable contributions from US venture capital firm FirstMark and Stockholm-based investor Creandum.

But what exactly does H bring to the table?

At its core, H specializes in crafting what it dubs “agentic” models of AI — a revolutionary breed of artificial intelligence engineered not merely to react to commands but to dissect tasks into discrete steps, executing them with unparalleled efficiency and autonomy. This transformative technology promises to revolutionize the realm of AI, imbuing systems with heightened reasoning, strategic planning, and collaborative capabilities, eclipsing the capabilities of conventional AI models.

Indeed, the implications are profound. H’s technology transcends traditional boundaries, poised to cater to a diverse array of business and consumer needs. UiPath’s resounding endorsement further validates this transformative potential, with the automation stalwart poised to harness H’s technology to augment its own repertoire, heralding a new era of business process automation.

With a burgeoning team of 25 engineers and scientists already in place, H’s launch in the bustling metropolis of Paris serves as a testament to the city’s burgeoning prominence as a hub of AI innovation. In an era where technological prowess defines competitive advantage, Paris stands poised at the vanguard of Europe’s AI renaissance, with H leading the charge towards a future defined by the limitless potential of artificial intelligence.


The substantial investment secured by Parisian AI startup H, under the stewardship of Accel and with strategic alliances forged with industry heavyweights like UiPath, signals a seismic shift in the landscape of artificial intelligence. As Paris solidifies its position as a nucleus of AI innovation, H’s pioneering technology promises to redefine the boundaries of business automation, ushering in a new era of efficiency and collaboration across industries.