Expedia Group, under new CEO Ariane Gorin, unveils AI-driven products and updates

  • Expedia Group introduces Romie, an advanced AI travel assistant, and Travel Shops, empowering influencers to monetize travel recommendations.
  • Romie provides personalized assistance throughout the travel journey, integrating into popular messaging platforms for seamless access.
  • Travel Shops serve as curated storefronts for influencers, offering commission-based bookings for recommended trips.
  • Expedia Group enhances user experience with AI-driven updates, including self-service booking management and destination comparison tools.
  • Initiatives like OneKeyCash and AI-powered sentiment analysis demonstrate Expedia’s commitment to partner support and customer satisfaction.
  • The launch of a dedicated travel media network underscores Expedia’s focus on leveraging consumer insights for targeted advertising strategies.

Main AI News:

Expedia Group’s new CEO, Ariane Gorin, is leading the charge as the company introduces a suite of groundbreaking products and enhancements, all stemming from its ongoing exploration and advancement of generative artificial intelligence (AI). Building on remarks by former CEO Peter Kern at the recent Expedia Explore event in Las Vegas, Gorin unveiled the highlights of the 2024 Spring Product Release. Among these innovations are an AI-driven travel assistant and “Travel Shops,” innovative marketplaces empowering content creators to monetize their travel recommendations.

Expedia Group has been at the forefront of leveraging generative AI since early 2023, starting with the integration of a ChatGPT plugin and later incorporating the technology into the Expedia app itself. Recent updates to the Expedia, Hotels.com, and Vrbo apps introduced a natural language interface for hotel and rental inquiries, along with destination guides accessible via queries.

The latest addition to Expedia’s AI arsenal is Romie, an advanced travel assistant designed to accompany travelers throughout their journey. According to Rathi Murthy, Expedia Group’s Chief Technology Officer, Romie represents a significant leap forward in enhancing the traveler experience through AI-driven solutions. Romie’s capabilities span from trip planning and booking to personalized in-trip assistance, all geared towards delivering seamless and tailored experiences.

We’re committed to revolutionizing the traveler experience by harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies. With Romie, we’ve achieved just that,” Murthy remarked.

Romie’s adaptive nature ensures that interactions evolve over time, delivering increasingly personalized recommendations and assistance. Gorin emphasized the versatility of Romie, noting its integration into popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp, enabling travelers to access its services beyond the confines of the Expedia app.

Expedia Group emphasized that Romie’s recommendations are currently influenced by traveler profiles and popularity, with commission considerations not yet factored in. However, Murthy hinted at potential future developments in this regard.

Beyond Romie, Expedia Group is rolling out Travel Shops, a novel platform aimed at transforming influencer-generated content into actionable travel experiences. Content creators can establish their own storefronts within the Travel Shops ecosystem, showcasing recommendations and earning commissions on bookings originating from their links.

Jochen Koedijk, Expedia Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, highlighted the strategic importance of Travel Shops in engaging both influencers and travelers, offering a seamless fusion of social media content and travel commerce.

Travel Shops represent a pioneering approach to bridging the gap between content creators and travelers, providing a centralized platform for curated recommendations and frictionless booking,” Koedijk explained.

Expedia Group’s commitment to AI-driven innovation extends beyond consumer-facing products. The company announced additional updates leveraging AI to streamline the travel experience and support its network of partners. These enhancements encompass self-service booking management, destination comparison tools, price analysis, and customizable itineraries.

Additionally, Expedia Group unveiled initiatives such as OneKeyCash, an advertiser-funded loyalty currency, and AI-powered sentiment analysis to address recurring issues flagged in customer reviews.

Expedia Group is also venturing into the realm of travel media with the launch of a dedicated network under its Expedia Group Media Solutions division. Leveraging its extensive first-party data and industry partnerships, Expedia aims to translate consumer behavior insights into actionable advertising strategies for its partners.

Rob Torres, Senior Vice President of Expedia Group Media Solutions, emphasized the company’s unique position in offering advertisers comprehensive creative services, advanced advertising tools, and strategic partnerships with leading entertainment platforms like Netflix and Disney+.

Through this initiative, advertisers gain access to a diverse array of advertising solutions tailored to capitalize on travelers’ preferences and behaviors, further solidifying Expedia Group’s position as a leader in travel technology and media innovation.


Expedia Group’s strategic investments in AI-driven innovations like Romie and Travel Shops signal a significant shift in the travel market. By harnessing advanced technologies to enhance user experiences and capitalize on influencer-driven content, Expedia is poised to redefine travel commerce and advertising, setting a new standard for industry engagement and customer satisfaction.