Expedia Unveils AI-Powered Features to Transform Travel Planning


  • Expedia introduces AI capabilities to enhance the travel planning experience.
  • ChatGPT is integrated into Expedia’s iOS app for conversational trip planning.
  • Conversational planning feature to be added to the Expedia Android app.
  • Trip Planner allows users to save and organize recommended activities.
  • Hotel recommendations with images, price ranges, and reviews will be saved to Trip Planner.
  • Users can revisit previous conversations and continue trip-planning activities.
  • Hotels.com app introduces smart-shopping feature for personalized AI-powered recommendations.

Main AI News:

In today’s digital age, travel planning has become an integral part of the overall travel experience. Recognizing the importance of streamlining the booking process, platforms like Expedia have emerged as valuable tools to assist travelers every step of the way. Expedia, however, is taking it a step further by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize trip planning.

Expedia’s commitment to enhancing user experience led them to integrate ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, into their iOS app earlier this year. This ingenious feature allows users to engage in conversational trip planning by posing open-ended questions to the chatbot. The responses provide personalized trip recommendations, making the planning process seamless and enjoyable.

Building on this success, Expedia has exciting news for Android users. Starting next month, the conversational planning feature will be introduced to the Expedia Android app, accompanied by a host of new functionalities. Notably, travelers will now have the ability to save recommended activities to a Trip Planner, a comprehensive repository for all their preferred experiences.

Expedia understands the value of convenience and efficiency when it comes to trip planning. By consolidating all recommended activities in one place, the Trip Planner simplifies decision-making for travelers. With a quick glance, users can review and compare their options, ensuring they make the most informed choices for their upcoming adventures.

In a bid to further enhance the trip planning experience, Expedia has planned a series of upcoming updates. Later this summer, the Trip Planner will also store hotel recommendations featuring vivid images, price ranges, and authentic reviews. These recommendations, derived from conversational interactions, provide travelers with valuable insights to aid their decision-making process.

Expedia also recognizes the importance of continuity in the planning journey. That’s why users will have the option to revisit previous conversations and seamlessly pick up where they left off. Whether it’s revisiting a hotel recommendation or exploring new activities, travelers can effortlessly resume their trip-planning activities at any time. This feature, set to launch later this summer, ensures that nothing gets lost in the midst of a busy travel itinerary.

Meanwhile, Hotels.com, a subsidiary of Expedia Group, is also rolling out a cutting-edge feature on their app. Powered by AI, the smart-shopping capability allows users to receive personalized recommendations based on various factors, such as the composition of the travel party, the destination, and the duration of the trip. This innovative feature empowers users to discover tailored options that perfectly align with their preferences and requirements.


Expedia’s integration of AI features, such as ChatGPT and conversational trip planning, coupled with the expansion to the Android app, represents a significant step in improving the travel planning experience. The introduction of the Trip Planner, along with the ability to save activities and revisit conversations, enhances convenience and decision-making for travelers. Additionally, the incorporation of AI-powered recommendations in the Hotels.com app underscores the growing trend of personalized travel solutions. These advancements indicate Expedia’s commitment to leveraging technology to provide seamless and tailored experiences, ultimately positioning them favorably in the competitive travel market.