Fastweb’s Native Italian AI Language Model Initiative Takes Shape

  • Fastweb plans to create an advanced AI large-language model (LLM) specifically trained in native Italian.
  • The initiative aims to provide tailored AI tools for corporate and public administration clients.
  • A team of AI experts will utilize deep learning systems and extensive Italian language datasets for model development.
  • Fastweb will deploy a powerful NVIDIA AI-powered supercomputer in its Lombardy data center.
  • The technology will be accessible to third parties through Fastweb’s cloud services for broader application development.

Main AI News:

Fastweb, a leading Italian telecoms operator, has unveiled plans to create an advanced artificial intelligence large-language model (LLM) specifically trained in native Italian. This strategic move aims to equip Fastweb’s corporate and public sector clients with sophisticated AI tools tailored to the intricacies of the Italian language.

Powered by a team of AI experts specializing in deep learning systems, Fastweb is developing this specialized LLM using extensive Italian language datasets. The initiative will be supported by a high-performance NVIDIA AI-powered supercomputer located in Fastweb’s flagship data center in Lombardy, Northern Italy. Moreover, Fastweb plans to extend access to this state-of-the-art technology through its cloud services, allowing third-party developers to leverage its capabilities effectively.

This new LLM serves as a dedicated platform for both Fastweb and external developers to drive innovation across a broad spectrum of generative AI applications,” stated Fastweb in an official statement.


Fastweb’s investment in developing a native Italian trained AI language model signifies a strategic advancement towards offering specialized AI solutions tailored to the Italian market. This initiative not only enhances Fastweb’s capabilities in serving corporate and public sector clients but also positions the company at the forefront of AI innovation in Italy, potentially influencing broader AI adoption trends within the region’s telecommunications and technology sectors.


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