Fetch.ai, Ocean Protocol, and Singularitynet to Merge Tokens Into ‘Artificial Superintelligence’ Coin

  • Fetch.ai, Ocean Protocol, and Singularitynet merge tokens to create an “Artificial Superintelligence” (ASI) coin.
  • ASI aims to integrate AI tokens fetch.ai (FET), singularitynet (AGIX), and ocean protocol (OCEAN) into one digital asset.
  • The announcement triggers significant value spikes for all three tokens, collectively nearing a $30 billion valuation.
  • Dr. Ben Goertzel, Humayun Sheikh, and Trent McConaghy spearhead the merger, leveraging their expertise in decentralized AI.
  • ASI’s estimated fully diluted valuation stands at $7.5 billion.

Main AI News:

The convergence of Fetch.ai, Ocean Protocol, and Singularitynet (SNET), three pioneering projects in artificial intelligence (AI) within the blockchain realm, heralds a significant milestone as they announce their strategic amalgamation of tokens. This collaborative initiative marks the inception of a unified cryptocurrency, aptly christened as “Artificial Superintelligence” (ASI).

In an exclusive communication extended to Bitcoin.com News, the visionary teams behind these AI-centric blockchain innovations revealed their ambitious plan to consolidate their individual tokens – fetch.ai (FET), singularitynet (AGIX), and ocean protocol (OCEAN) – into a singular digital asset under the banner of ASI, abbreviating “Artificial Superintelligence.”

The reverberations of this announcement were swiftly felt across the cryptocurrency landscape, with all three tokens witnessing substantial surges in value, each registering double-digit percentage gains. The collective valuation of AI tokens soared to new heights, edging closer to the $30 billion mark. Furthermore, the sector dedicated to AI within the cryptocurrency domain recorded a remarkable uptick, surpassing 20% growth in the past week alone.

This strategic fusion is attributed to the visionary insights of three luminary figures in the decentralized AI sphere. Dr. Ben Goertzel, hailed as the “Father of AGI,” spearheaded the establishment of SNET, a groundbreaking blockchain framework and marketplace for AI services. Fetch.ai, conceptualized by Humayun Sheikh, an initial investor in Deep Mind, emerged as a decentralized platform fostering the development and monetization of AI applications.

Simultaneously, Trent McConaghy’s pivotal contributions to Ocean Protocol resulted in the creation of a robust data exchange platform facilitating the seamless trading of tokenized data assets, empowered by AI. Bruce Pon, CEO, and co-founder of Ocean Protocol, emphasized that this merger holds the promise of realizing a comprehensive suite of decentralized technologies primed for global competitiveness. The fully diluted valuation of ASI is projected to approximate $7.5 billion.

“The amalgamation of our technological prowess positions us as a frontrunner in research and development, application deployment, and commercialization of AGI,” remarked Pon in a statement furnished to Bitcoin.com News. “The unified ASI token serves as the linchpin orchestrating diverse stakeholders with aligned incentives. ASI tokens play a pivotal role in securing the public network, serve as data access tokens, and facilitate computation devoid of traditional banking and payment infrastructures. It epitomizes the native currency powering the machine economy.”


The consolidation of Fetch.ai, Ocean Protocol, and Singularitynet tokens into the Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) coin represents a pivotal moment in the market. This strategic merger not only consolidates the strengths of three prominent projects but also signals a concerted effort towards fostering innovation and collaboration within the AI and blockchain sectors. The surge in token values and the projected $7.5 billion valuation for ASI underscore investor confidence in the potential of integrated AI technologies. This development is likely to fuel further advancements in decentralized AI applications and propel the market towards heightened competitiveness and innovation.