Forging Multinational AI Frontiers: Upstage and Flitto’s Collaborative Leap

  • Upstage and Flitto partner to create a diverse AI dataset spanning beyond English.
  • Aim is to develop expansive language models (ELMs) covering Japanese, Thai, and other languages.
  • Western tech giants’ English-centric focus leaves a gap in Asian language data.
  • Upstage’s Solar platform, lauded for comprehension and content generation, to merge with Flitto’s linguistic repository.
  • Flitto, offering translation services in 25 languages, collaborates with Seoul City for AI-driven tourist interactions.
  • CEO Kim Seong-hoon underscores the commitment to global accessibility of transformative AI innovations.

Main AI News:

Upstage, Flitto forge alliance to construct multinational AI database for expansive linguistic models South Korea’s burgeoning AI enterprise, Upstage, has forged a strategic partnership with Flitto, a translation platform operator, aimed at curating a comprehensive artificial intelligence-driven dataset tailored to accommodate a multitude of languages beyond the confines of English.

This collaborative endeavor, formalized on Thursday, seeks to pioneer the development of expansive language models (ELMs) encompassing Japanese, Thai, and various other languages. Upstage asserts that this initiative is poised to address the conspicuous data deficit prevailing in the realm of Asian languages, an oversight perpetuated by the predominant focus of major Western tech conglomerates on English-centric LLM projects.

Central to this venture is the amalgamation of Upstage’s cutting-edge LLM solution, Solar, with Flitto’s extensive linguistic repository. Solar, a sophisticated deep-learning platform renowned for its adeptness in comprehension and content generation, ascended to preeminence in August 2023 by clinching the top position on an international large language model scoreboard administered by Hugging Face, an AI firm headquartered in New York City. Notably, Solar emerged victorious from a pool of approximately 500 contenders, including the illustrious GPT-3, a service anchored on Chat GPT technology.

Presently, Flitto boasts a robust suite of translation services spanning 25 languages, encompassing English, Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai, among others. Noteworthy among Flitto’s endeavors is its collaboration with Seoul City to furnish AI-driven translation services, facilitating seamless interactions between foreign tourists and local authorities through text-based communication displayed at tourist information centers.

Through this synergistic partnership with Flitto, we are steadfast in our commitment to enhancing the sophistication of our dataset, thereby fostering broader global accessibility to transformative AI innovations,” remarked Kim Seong-hoon, CEO of Upstage, in the wake of the momentous signing ceremony.


The collaboration between Upstage and Flitto marks a pivotal step towards addressing the deficiency in Asian language data within the AI landscape. By pooling resources and expertise, they not only aim to fill this void but also underscore the growing importance of linguistic diversity in AI development, potentially reshaping the dynamics of the market towards more inclusive and expansive AI solutions.