GE Vernova launches ThinkLabs AI, a startup focused on grid planning technology

  • GE Vernova Inc. launches ThinkLabs AI, a startup focused on advancing grid planning through intelligent automation and AI.
  • ThinkLabs AI is the first startup launched by GE Vernova, reflecting the company’s commitment to accelerating energy transition innovations.
  • Josh Wong, former GE Vernova executive, leads ThinkLabs AI as CEO, bringing expertise in disruptive technologies for grid management.
  • Initial investment in ThinkLabs AI comes from GE Vernova, supplemented by a $5 million seed-stage investment co-led by Powerhouse Ventures and Active Impact Investments.
  • Additional investors include Blackhorn Ventures, Amplify Capital, Mercuria Energy, and a national US energy company.
  • ThinkLabs AI aims to develop software using intelligent automation and AI to enhance grid planning, complementing GE Vernova’s GridOS® software portfolio.

Main AI News:

In a strategic move aimed at accelerating innovation in the energy sector, GE Vernova Inc. has announced the launch of ThinkLabs AI, Inc., a pioneering startup dedicated to advancing grid planning through the integration of intelligent automation and artificial intelligence (AI). ThinkLabs AI emerges as the inaugural venture from GE Vernova, underscoring the company’s steadfast commitment to expediting the delivery of groundbreaking energy transition solutions to its clientele.

Limor Spector, President of Ventures and Incubation for GE Vernova, emphasized the imperative for continuous innovation in addressing the evolving energy landscape, stating, “Our customers and the vital energy challenges we’re solving for demand relentless innovation. This initial early-stage investment highlights one of the many ways we are committed to developing an innovative ecosystem in support of changing the trajectory of climate change.”

At the helm of ThinkLabs AI stands Josh Wong, whose tenure at GE Vernova was marked by a dedicated focus on leveraging disruptive technologies to revolutionize grid management for electric utilities. Wong, now the Chief Executive Officer of ThinkLabs AI, spearheaded an incubation effort within GE Vernova’s Electrification Software division, laying the groundwork for the startup’s trajectory towards transformative innovation.

ThinkLabs AI received an initial early-stage investment from GE Vernova, supplemented by a groundbreaking first-time seed-stage investment totaling $5 million. Powerhouse Ventures and Active Impact Investments co-led the investment round, joined by prominent contributors including Blackhorn Ventures, Amplify Capital, Mercuria Energy, and a leading national US energy company. The ownership of ThinkLabs AI remains private, shared among its founders, GE Vernova, and the consortium of visionary investors.

Central to ThinkLabs AI’s mission is the development of a sophisticated software application harnessing the power of intelligent automation and AI to optimize grid planning processes. This early-stage application, bolstered by external funding partnerships, is poised to complement GE Vernova’s acclaimed GridOS® software portfolio. GridOS, an integrated platform featuring a suite of AI and Power Systems-based applications, empowers utilities with the agility and resilience necessary to navigate the transition towards a sustainable energy grid.


The launch of ThinkLabs AI by GE Vernova marks a significant development in the energy market. By investing in cutting-edge technology and fostering strategic partnerships, GE Vernova is positioning itself at the forefront of innovation in grid planning. This move not only demonstrates a commitment to addressing evolving energy challenges but also signifies a broader industry shift towards leveraging AI and automation to optimize energy infrastructure.