General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) Secures $922 Million Contract for U.S. CENTCOM IT Infrastructure Modernization

  • General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) awarded $922 million contract for U.S. CENTCOM IT infrastructure modernization.
  • The contract spans a one-year base period with five option years.
  • GDIT to leverage AI/ML technologies for data operationalization, transition CENTCOM to a new cloud environment, and enhance network efficiency.
  • Emphasis on bolstering cyber defenses using zero trust capabilities.
  • GDIT, a unit of General Dynamics, aims to fortify regional security and stability, supporting U.S. interests across 21 nations.
  • General Dynamics, with a workforce exceeding 100,000, generated $42.3 billion in revenue in 2023.

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In a move aimed at bolstering the technological backbone of the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT), a subsidiary of General Dynamics, has clinched a substantial $922 million contract. The endeavor, sanctioned by the General Services Administration in February, spans a one-year base period with five additional option years.

Tasked with orchestrating and empowering military endeavors alongside allies and partners across a sprawling domain encompassing 21 nations, GDIT’s mission is to fortify CENTCOM’s enterprise IT infrastructure. This strategic initiative is paramount for augmenting regional security and stability, aligning with enduring U.S. interests.

CENTCOM’s operational exigencies demand an avant-garde enterprise IT framework capable of seamlessly interfacing data and systems with highly mobile warfighters. Such connectivity is pivotal for executing both present and future missions across Northeast Africa, the Middle East, Central, and South Asia.

Under the terms of the contract, GDIT pledges to harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to operationalize enterprise data, facilitating informed decision-making processes. Moreover, the transition to a new cloud environment is on the agenda, promising heightened agility and scalability for CENTCOM’s operations. Concurrently, GDIT is committed to optimizing the efficiency and efficacy of CENTCOM’s networks, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to bolster cyber defenses.

Brian Sheridan, Senior Vice President for GDIT’s Defense Division, underscored the pivotal role of technological innovation in fortifying regional stability and safeguarding national security interests. “We are poised to deliver advanced solutions that will enhance CENTCOM’s connectivity and preparedness, empowering it to fulfill its missions effectively,” Sheridan remarked.

GDIT operates under the aegis of General Dynamics, a renowned global aerospace and defense conglomerate renowned for its diverse portfolio encompassing business aviation, shipbuilding and repair, land combat vehicles, as well as technology products and services. With a workforce exceeding 100,000 individuals worldwide, General Dynamics amassed a revenue of $42.3 billion in 2023, underscoring its stature as a key player in the defense industry landscape.


The $922 million contract awarded to GDIT signifies a significant investment in modernizing the U.S. CENTCOM’s IT infrastructure. With a focus on leveraging advanced technologies and bolstering cyber defenses, GDIT aims to enhance regional security and stability, thereby positioning itself as a key player in the defense industry landscape. This development underscores the increasing importance of technology in military operations and highlights GDIT’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions to support national security objectives.