Google launches AI Opportunity Fund: Asia-Pacific to invest $15 million in developing critical AI skills

  • Google launches AI Opportunity Fund: Asia-Pacific to bridge skill gap in the region.
  • Fund aims to invest $15 million in developing critical AI skills and confidence among underserved communities.
  • Collaboration with AVPN and Asian Development Bank to identify and support social impact organizations.
  • CEO of AVPN emphasizes importance of building an AI-ready workforce.
  • plans to invest over $20 million in AI programs across Asia-Pacific in 2024.
  • Focus on sustainability and digital transformation initiatives underscores Google’s commitment to societal progress.

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In the dynamic landscape of technological advancement, Asia-Pacific stands as a vibrant hub of innovation and growth. Google, recognizing the pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in shaping the region’s future, has unveiled its latest initiative — the AI Opportunity Fund: Asia-Pacific.

Over the past quarter-century, Google has witnessed the transformative power of technology, particularly in Asia-Pacific, home to a majority of the world’s internet users. The proliferation of smartphones and the burgeoning mobile economy have catalyzed unparalleled progress, setting the stage for AI to drive the next wave of innovation.

Research forecasts staggering economic benefits of up to USD 3 trillion by 2030 for businesses in key Asia-Pacific countries, contingent upon the full-scale adoption of AI-powered solutions. Unlike other regions, the people of Asia-Pacific exhibit a fervent optimism towards AI, envisioning its positive impact on work, education, and access to information.

With the potential to accelerate digital advancement and tackle pressing challenges in sectors like agriculture, climate, and healthcare, AI holds immense promise. However, a significant gap exists between the potential of AI and the skills required to harness it effectively.

In response to this imperative,, the philanthropic arm of Google, has pledged $15 million towards the AI Opportunity Fund: Asia-Pacific. This fund aims to cultivate critical AI skills and instill confidence among workers and job-seekers, particularly those in underserved communities across the region. Collaborating with the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) and supported by the Asian Development Bank, will identify and support social impact organizations capable of delivering AI training to those in need.

Naina Subberwal Batra, CEO of AVPN, emphasizes the significance of building an AI-ready workforce to unlock Asia’s full potential and ensure equitable access to AI benefits.

This initiative builds upon Google’s broader commitment to fostering AI for good. In 2024 alone, plans to invest over $20 million in AI programs across Asia-Pacific, empowering underserved communities to leverage technology for societal progress. Additionally, sustainability seed funding and support for digital transformation initiatives underscore Google’s holistic approach towards driving positive change through technology.

By equipping individuals and organizations with the requisite tools and expertise, Google envisions a future where AI serves as a catalyst for inclusive growth and innovation across Asia-Pacific. As the region embraces the AI revolution, Google remains steadfast in its mission to empower every individual and community to thrive in the digital age.


Google’s launch of the AI Opportunity Fund: Asia-Pacific signifies a strategic investment in cultivating AI skills and empowering the workforce across the region. By addressing the skills gap and fostering innovation, Google aims to unlock the full potential of AI, driving economic growth and societal progress in the Asia-Pacific market.


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