Grasp Secures €1.9M Funding for AI Investment Banking Assistance Expansion

  • Stockholm-based Grasp, a leader in AI assistance for investment banks and management consultants, closes a successful €1.9 million funding round.
  • Investors include Philian Invest, led by H&M Chairman Karl-Johan Persson.
  • Grasp’s AI platform, developed by former McKinsey consultants and an AI engineer, utilizes generative AI and language models to streamline tasks in the finance sector.
  • The company boasts a client base of 25 global firms.
  • Funding to be used for accelerating AI platform development and global expansion.

Main AI News:

Stockholm-based Grasp, a trailblazer in AI assistance for investment banks and management consultants, has successfully closed a funding round, amassing €1.9 million from prominent investors, including Philian Invest, chaired by H&M’s Karl-Johan Persson.

Founded by former McKinsey consultants Richard Karlsson and Johan Cederqvist Devér, alongside AI engineer Simon Hällqvist, Grasp has swiftly emerged as a frontrunner with its AI platform utilizing generative AI and language models. This innovative approach revolutionizes the efficiency of tasks currently handled by investment banks and management consultants, streamlining complex processes.

Currently serving 25 companies globally, Grasp’s CEO, Richard Karlsson, expresses enthusiasm about the recent developments, stating, “Since unveiling our AI platform in December, we’ve experienced exponential growth, reaching an ARR exceeding 3 million SEK. This funding marks a pivotal moment as we gear up for the next phase of expansion.”

Anna Storåkers, the visionary behind Yanno Capital, shares Karlsson’s sentiment, emphasizing the strategic alignment between Grasp’s mission and their investment ethos. “Grasp’s solution addresses pertinent challenges within a global market, showcasing a focused approach crucial for AI companies’ success,” Storåkers comments, highlighting the synergy between the parties.

The infusion of capital is earmarked for accelerating Grasp’s AI platform’s development and facilitating its global outreach, signaling a promising trajectory for the company’s growth and impact on the financial landscape.


Grasp’s recent funding success signifies growing investor confidence in AI solutions for the finance sector. The substantial investment reflects market recognition of the value proposition offered by AI-driven tools in streamlining complex financial processes. This funding will likely fuel further innovation and market penetration for Grasp, potentially paving the way for similar ventures in the industry.