Hariom Tatsat: Pioneering Financial Innovation through AI and Machine Learning


  • Hariom Tatsat’s journey from small-town India to prestigious institutions like IIT Kharagpur and UC Berkeley.
  • Author of “Machine Learning and Data Science Blueprints for Finance,” a seminal book widely adopted by universities and financial institutions globally.
  • A 15-year career in leadership roles at renowned financial institutions like Nomura, Barclays, and RBS.
  • An influential speaker at finance and technology conferences, shaping industry discourse.
  • Actively mentors the next generation of innovators through associations with UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck and Indian institutions.
  • Contender for the Indian Achievers Award, symbolizing ongoing efforts to uplift and contribute to finance and technology domains.

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In the dynamic landscape of finance and technology, Hariom Tatsat shines as a visionary, weaving together determination, foresight, and a profound grasp of machine learning. His journey, from a modest Indian town to the esteemed halls of IIT Kharagpur and UC Berkeley, reaches its pinnacle with a transformative impact on the finance sector, particularly at the bustling heart of Wall Street.

Hariom’s story transcends personal accomplishments; it embodies a mission to make a substantial contribution at the crossroads of finance and machine learning. Driven by an unwavering passion for finance, he charted his career towards the dynamic intersection where finance meets Artificial Intelligence (AI). His fascination with AI and machine learning found expression in the form of a groundbreaking book titled “Machine Learning and Data Science Blueprints for Finance.” Widely adopted by universities and esteemed by financial institutions worldwide, this book stands as a cornerstone for comprehending the fusion of finance and cutting-edge technology.

Hariom’s illustrious 15-year tenure in leadership positions at renowned financial institutions such as Nomura, Barclays, and RBS bears testament to a journey marked by achievements and a talent for steering success in the banking sector. Beyond borders, his influence resonates in the industry through numerous conference keynote addresses, where he imparts invaluable insights that shape the discourse in finance and technology.

Embracing a mentorship role, Hariom actively contributes to nurturing the next wave of innovators. His involvement as a mentor with UC Berkeley’s accelerator, SkyDeck, reflects his commitment to cultivating a fertile ground for aspiring leaders. This dedication extends to his roots, where Hariom has made significant contributions to Indian institutions like ISB, IIT, and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) through lectures, hackathon judging, and keynote speeches. These actions underscore his commitment to promoting education and fostering innovation in his homeland.

Now, as a hopeful contender for the Indian Achievers Award, Hariom’s journey symbolizes more than just an individual’s path to success; it represents an ongoing endeavor to elevate and contribute to the domains that he is deeply passionate about. His story stands as a testament to the power of vision, determination, and unwavering dedication in pioneering financial innovation through the lens of machine learning. Hariom Tatsat’s journey serves as both an inspiration for aspiring leaders and a driving force for positive transformation in the realms of finance and technology.


Hariom Tatsat’s remarkable journey and expertise in finance and machine learning make him a prominent figure in the market. His influence on academia, financial institutions, and mentorship activities underscores the growing importance of AI and machine learning in shaping the future of the finance industry. Investors and businesses should pay attention to his insights and contributions to potential opportunities in this evolving landscape.