Harmonize Introduces Cutting-Edge AI-Powered Rubric Coaching Tool for Enhanced Online Instruction & Student Advancement

  • Harmonize introduces AI Rubric Coach, powered by ChatGPT, aimed at improving online student assignments.
  • Features include scalable discussion prompt generation and two-click rubric creation.
  • Rubric Coach provides real-time feedback to students based on instructors’ rubrics.
  • Engagement Insights help instructors identify at-risk students.
  • Integration of AI into Harmonize streamlines tasks, allowing instructors to focus on quality feedback and student success.

Main AI News:

Harmonize, the premier suite of tools fostering discussion and collaboration within your Learning Management System (LMS), has unveiled its latest innovation: an advanced integration with ChatGPT tailored to guide students in delivering top-notch assignments for instructor evaluation. Dubbed the AI Rubric Coach, this groundbreaking feature utilizes instructors’ rubrics to furnish instant feedback and spotlight crucial areas for student enhancement.

Crafted to immerse students in profound reflection through live feedback driven entirely by the instructor’s rubric, the AI Rubric Coach represents just one facet of Harmonize’s repertoire, harnessing ChatGPT’s capabilities to empower instructors.

Introduced last year, Harmonize’s integration with ChatGPT has spurred the development of a slew of novel features grounded in sound pedagogical principles and a methodical, step-by-step approach spanning from assignment inception to rubric formulation and student guidance.

· Scalable Discussion Prompt Generation: Leveraging instructors’ topics and effective interaction strategies, this functionality enables instructors to generate more captivating discussion prompts in a fraction of the time.

  • Two-Click Rubric Generation: Utilizing the instructor’s prompt, this tool automatically generates a rubric with four key focus areas for success and can optionally translate it into a grading rubric, obviating the need for manual rubric creation.
  • Rubric Coaching for Students: Drawing from the instructor’s rubric, the Rubric Coach furnishes students with real-time feedback, succinctly rating their performance on each rubric criterion, thereby empowering them to self-assess areas for improvement and refine their work prior to instructor evaluation.
  • Engagement Insights: This feature tracks students’ interactions, identifying behaviors correlated with retention to help instructors pinpoint potentially at-risk students and re-engage them in the learning process.

With AI seamlessly integrated into Harmonize, instructors can streamline assignment development, rubric creation, student support, and identification of struggling learners with unprecedented efficiency and speed. By automating time-consuming tasks, they can devote more attention to delivering high-quality feedback and driving student success.

Harmonize has always been dedicated to enhancing online learning experiences for both students and instructors,” remarked Marcus Popetz, CEO of Harmonize. “With the AI Rubric Coach, we are taking a significant stride toward assisting instructors in fostering a feedback-rich learning environment, which we recognize as pivotal to the success of online learners. Every initiative we undertake with ChatGPT — from crafting online discussion prompts to generating rubrics for instructors and coaching students through rubric assessments — is guided by instructors’ input and aimed at enriching the online learning journey, supporting their endeavors, and enhancing student outcomes.


Harmonize’s launch of the AI Rubric Coach marks a significant advancement in online instruction, empowering instructors with innovative tools to enhance student performance and engagement. With its AI-driven features, Harmonize sets a new standard for LMS platforms, signaling a shift towards more personalized and efficient online learning experiences. This development underscores the growing importance of AI in educational technology, highlighting the market’s increasing demand for solutions that streamline instructional workflows and improve student outcomes.