HealthSage secures €3 million Seed investment to advance its AI healthcare platform

  • HealthSage secures €3M Seed investment for its AI healthcare platform.
  • The investment aims to reduce administrative burdens for healthcare professionals by up to 40%.
  • HealthSage’s generative AI platform empowers clinical decision-making and patient engagement.
  • Note-to-FHIR transforms unstructured medical notes into structured data, enhancing efficiency.
  • Commitment to openness, responsibility, and safety ensures compliance with EU AI regulations.
  • Investment led by Peak, with co-investments from Healthy Capital, Rubio Impact Ventures, and seasoned health tech entrepreneurs.

Main AI News:

HealthTech startup, HealthSage, has successfully secured a significant €3 million Seed investment to bolster the development and expansion of its cutting-edge AI platform exclusively designed for the healthcare sector. This investment not only aims to alleviate the administrative burdens weighing down healthcare professionals, potentially freeing up to 40% of their time, but also heralds a new era of transformative possibilities in healthcare provision.

Harnessing the power of AI, HealthSage aims to offer indispensable support to healthcare professionals, enabling them to shift their focus from menial administrative tasks to the core of their profession: patient care. According to founder Harm-Jan Wessels, “Generative AI represents the biggest technology shift that I have witnessed in my career. Using AI, we can help healthcare professionals to move away from countless hours of information chasing and clerical tasks, so they can focus on what matters most: patient care.”

Key among HealthSage’s recent developments is the launch of Note-to-FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) on December 1, 2023. This specialized Large Language Model (LLM) ingeniously converts unstructured medical notes into structured FHIR outputs, aligning seamlessly with the global standard for electronic healthcare information exchange. By automating the transformation of clinical notes into structured data, HealthSage empowers healthcare professionals with swift access to vital patient information, streamlining administrative processes and enhancing clinical decision-making.

Furthermore, HealthSage’s commitment to openness, responsibility, and safety sets it apart in the industry. Embracing open-source principles and adhering to EU AI regulations, HealthSage ensures that its AI models are not only trained to the highest standards but are also trusted by the healthcare community. Privacy and data protection are paramount, underpinning every aspect of HealthSage’s approach to AI development.

This groundbreaking initiative has attracted investment from Peak, alongside co-investors Healthy Capital, Rubio Impact Ventures, and seasoned health tech entrepreneurs Jaap Maljers and Jeroen Tas. Johan van Mil, co-founder and managing partner at Peak, expresses confidence in HealthSage’s potential to revolutionize the medical industry: “Given the opportunity to improve diagnostic accuracy, patient care, and operational efficiency, we see a huge opportunity for AI in the health space. Given the founders’ track record in building and scaling companies in medtech, we see Healthsage AI as the leading player to revolutionize the medical industry.

With this infusion of capital, HealthSage is poised to expand its team, accelerate product commercialization, and drive widespread adoption of its innovative solutions, ultimately delivering tangible benefits to healthcare professionals and patients alike.


The substantial investment secured by HealthSage signifies a significant shift in the healthcare market towards AI-driven solutions. With a focus on streamlining administrative processes, enhancing clinical decision-making, and ensuring data privacy, HealthSage is poised to take charge of revolutionizing healthcare provision. This investment not only highlights the growing confidence in AI technologies within the healthcare sector but also underscores the potential for transformative impact on both healthcare professionals and patients.