Hiscox partners with Google Cloud to create the London Market’s first AI-enhanced lead underwriting model


  • Hiscox partners with Google Cloud to introduce London Market’s first AI-powered lead underwriting model.
  • Hiscox AI Laboratories (Hailo) collaborates with Google Cloud’s generative AI technology.
  • The collaboration aims to automate underwriting, reducing quote generation time from days to minutes.
  • Google Cloud’s BigQuery and Vertex AI platforms play a crucial role in data extraction.
  • The initial trial focuses on sabotage and terrorism insurance, with potential applications in other high-value insurance segments.
  • CEO Kate Markham highlights the potential to enhance efficiency and free up underwriters for complex tasks.

Main AI News:

In a groundbreaking collaboration, global specialist insurer Hiscox has joined forces with Google Cloud to pioneer the London Market’s inaugural AI-enhanced lead underwriting model, setting a remarkable precedent for the integration of advanced technology within the insurance industry.

This pioneering project leverages Hiscox London Market’s cutting-edge technology platform, Hiscox AI Laboratories (Hailo), in conjunction with the sophisticated generative AI technology offered by Google Cloud. The primary objective of this partnership is to revolutionize the underwriting process, transitioning it from a traditionally manual operation that often consumes up to three days to a fully automated system capable of generating comprehensive quotes within a mere three minutes.

Hiscox’s official press release underscores the pivotal role played by Google Cloud’s BigQuery and Vertex AI platforms in achieving this remarkable feat, extracting invaluable data and insights from email submissions. The infusion of AI into this workflow empowers underwriting teams to deliver rapid responses to their valued clients.

The initial trial of this AI model was conducted within the realm of sabotage and terrorism insurance at Hiscox. The principles established during this phase are anticipated to extend to other high-value insurance segments, bringing about transformative change.

Kate Markham, CEO of London Market at Hiscox, enthusiastically acknowledges the potential of this project to enhance the efficiency and expediency of services offered to brokers and clients alike. She highlights the program’s early success in automating specific business processes, underlining the significant shift it represents.

We strategically selected this line of business due to its heavy reliance on manual data extraction and analysis. Human expertise remains an indispensable component of the specialized underwriting process, but when coupled with state-of-the-art AI technology, we are poised to serve our clients with unprecedented effectiveness and efficiency. This applies not only to our current focus but also holds the promise of transforming numerous other segments over time. The potential of AI technology, when deployed judiciously, is to alleviate manual tasks, enabling our specialist underwriters to concentrate on more intricate risks where human insight and analysis remain irreplaceable,” Markham emphasized.


The collaboration between Hiscox and Google Cloud signifies a significant leap forward in the insurance market. By automating underwriting processes with AI, the industry gains efficiency and agility, reducing processing times and allowing underwriters to focus on more complex tasks. This innovative partnership sets a precedent for the adoption of advanced technology within the insurance sector, promising enhanced services and improved competitiveness.