HPE Partners with Nvidia to Propel Enterprise AI Initiatives

  • HPE and Nvidia announce Nvidia AI Computing by HPE at Discover 2024.
  • Initiative features HPE servers powered by Nvidia H200 NVL Tensor Core GPUs.
  • Includes HPE Private Cloud AI integrating Nvidia AI Enterprise software and Inference Microservices.
  • Modular configurations available from small to extra-large, catering to varied AI workload needs.
  • Emphasis on ease of scalability and management with HPE GreenLake cloud services.
  • Neil MacDonald highlights significance of direct liquid cooling for future AI platforms.

Main AI News:

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering its enterprise AI capabilities, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has unveiled a pioneering collaboration with Nvidia, a leading force in GPU-accelerated computing. At the Discover 2024 conference in Las Vegas this week, HPE announced the launch of Nvidia AI Computing by HPE, marking a significant step towards integrating cutting-edge AI technologies into its portfolio.

The initiative, branded as Nvidia AI Computing by HPE, centers on a suite of meticulously crafted AI solutions and go-to-market strategies tailored for enterprise needs. At its core lies a lineup of HPE servers, including the ProLiant DL380a Gen12 and DL384 Gen12, each powered by Nvidia’s high-performance H200 NVL Tensor Core GPUs. These servers are designed to meet the escalating demands of AI-driven workloads, particularly in sectors requiring robust computing power such as healthcare, automotive, and financial services.

Moreover, HPE’s collaboration with Nvidia extends beyond hardware, encompassing comprehensive software integration. The HPE Private Cloud AI solution integrates Nvidia’s AI Enterprise software platform and Nvidia Inference Microservices (NIMs), streamlining the deployment and management of AI workloads. This integration enables enterprises to effortlessly scale their AI initiatives from inferencing to advanced tasks like retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) and fine-tuning.

Fidelma Russo, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Hybrid Cloud and CTO for HPE, highlighted the user-friendly nature of the HPE Private Cloud AI during a pre-show briefing. She emphasized its modular design, allowing enterprises to scale and customize their AI environments with ease, backed by HPE’s GreenLake cloud management,” the article noted.

Neil MacDonald, HPE’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of Compute, HPC, and AI, underscored the significance of liquid cooling technologies in advancing AI platforms within enterprises. “Direct liquid cooling is incredibly relevant for the future of AI platforms in the enterprise,” MacDonald stated. “Our approach combines liquid and air cooling to optimize performance and efficiency, setting new standards in AI infrastructure.”

The collaboration between HPE and Nvidia reflects a broader industry trend towards accelerated computing and AI-driven innovation. Nvidia’s robust ecosystem and HPE’s expertise in enterprise solutions promise to redefine computing capabilities, making AI more accessible and impactful across industries.

As Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, remarked, “This partnership signifies a pivotal shift towards intention-driven computing, transforming every layer of the computing stack and unlocking new possibilities for application development.”


The collaboration between HPE and Nvidia marks a significant stride towards enhancing enterprise AI capabilities. By integrating advanced GPU technology with comprehensive AI software solutions, HPE aims to simplify AI deployment and management, offering scalable options that cater to diverse business needs. This strategic move underscores a growing trend towards accelerated computing in the enterprise sector, poised to redefine standards for AI-driven innovation across industries.