IBM Unveils AI-Driven Emissions Planning and Forecasting Features for ESG Data Platform

  • IBM introduces AI-driven emissions planning and forecasting features for its ESG platform, IBM Envizi.
  • The additions aim to help companies streamline sustainability planning and meet climate reporting requirements.
  • Automated integration between Envizi’s ESG data model and IBM’s Planning Analytics enables sophisticated modeling and forecasting.
  • Kendra DeKeyrel, VP at IBM, highlights the importance of specialized reporting solutions for sustainability goals.

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IBM has unveiled AI-driven emissions planning and forecasting features for its ESG data collection, analysis, and reporting platform, IBM Envizi. This move is designed to empower companies in streamlining and enhancing their sustainability planning and climate strategies.

The latest additions to IBM Envizi aim to assist companies in aligning their planning with emissions reduction objectives and meeting the increasing demands of climate reporting. These features address the crucial need for forecasting tools capable of handling ESG data models effectively.

Acquired by IBM in 2022, Envizi has been integrated into IBM’s suite of AI-powered ESG solutions, reflecting the tech giant’s commitment to bolstering its capabilities in this space. The introduction of these new features follows a series of recent enhancements to the platform, such as the incorporation of supply chain emissions data collection and analysis, along with CSRD sustainability reporting capabilities.

IBM’s latest solution introduces automated integration between Envizi’s ESG data model and IBM’s established planning and forecasting suite, IBM Planning Analytics. This integration allows businesses to conduct sophisticated modeling and forecasting on their ESG data, leveraging multiple variables and “what-if” scenarios based on the latest ESG data available.

Kendra DeKeyrel, VP, ESG & Asset Management Products Leader at IBM, emphasized the significance of specialized, comprehensive, and scalable reporting and data management solutions as sustainability goals become increasingly integral to organizations. She highlighted IBM Envizi’s role in supporting customers throughout their sustainability journey, from ESG data capture to planning, forecasting, reporting, and ultimately, performance enhancement.


The integration of AI-powered emissions planning and forecasting capabilities into IBM’s Envizi platform reflects the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for ESG data management and reporting. This development signifies a growing emphasis on sustainability within organizations, driving the need for specialized tools and expertise in the market. Companies that invest in such capabilities stand to gain a competitive edge in navigating increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and meeting stakeholders’ expectations for transparent and accountable sustainability practices.


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