Impel Integrates WhatsApp Messaging into AI-Powered Customer Lifecycle Management Platform

  • Impel, a leader in AI-driven customer lifecycle management for automotive industry, launches WhatsApp integration.
  • WhatsApp boasts 2 billion monthly active users, making it a premier messaging app globally.
  • Impel’s AI platform tailored specifically for automotive retailing sets industry standard.
  • Integration allows personalized experiences and human-like conversations via WhatsApp.
  • Automotive retailers can engage with consumers in their preferred communication channel, enhancing customer experience.

Main AI News:

Impel, a global frontrunner in AI-driven customer lifecycle management for the automotive sector, unveiled today the worldwide rollout of WhatsApp as an integral communication conduit for Impel AI, thereby enriching the company’s omnichannel prowess. In conjunction with webchat, email, and SMS texting, automotive retailers utilizing Impel’s AI platform can now furnish tailored experiences and partake in human-like dialogues with consumers who favor WhatsApp as their primary mode of interaction. This announcement comes hot on the heels of the Company’s recent integrations with Tekion, CDK Global, ACV Auctions, and Cox Automotive Australia.

Messaging applications have entrenched themselves as vital components of numerous consumers’ daily routines, with WhatsApp firmly establishing itself as a premier solution for consumer messaging on a global scale. Boasting 2 billion monthly active users as of April 2024 – representing roughly 25% of the global populace – WhatsApp stands unchallenged as the preeminent messaging app worldwide. Across Europe, WhatsApp reigns supreme as the predominant form of message-based communication, boasting penetration rates exceeding 70% and soaring to as high as 97% in various countries, including the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and Austria. Moreover, WhatsApp’s footprint in the United States is expanding, emerging as a primary communications conduit for many consumers, with penetration reaching 43% this year. A staggering 59% of WhatsApp users in the US access the app daily, while in the UK, that figure hovers close to 90%. With a presence spanning 53 countries globally, Impel is uniquely positioned to harness WhatsApp’s expansive reach to the benefit of dealers and consumers alike.

Impel’s customer lifecycle management platform has emerged as the gold standard for AI-driven automotive solutions tailored for enterprise-grade application. Diverging from generalized Large Language Models (LLMs), Impel’s specialized AI platform was meticulously crafted with automotive retailing in mind. Fueled by a proprietary blend of bespoke models and foundational LLMs trained on over 100 million automotive consumer interactions, Impel offers the most potent generative conversational AI solution in the automotive realm. Bolstered by the company’s Automotive Optimization Layer, brand safeguards, and seamless data integrations, Impel safeguards against undesirable outcomes and AI “hallucinations” while optimizing business outcomes for dealers and OEMs. Moreover, Impel’s automated platform boosts staff efficiency by liberating sales and service personnel to concentrate on cultivating high-value customer relationships.

The incorporation of WhatsApp equips global automotive retailers leveraging Impel AI with the ability to engage a broader consumer base through their preferred communication channel. This seamless integration with WhatsApp encompasses all facets of Impel AI functionality, including seamless CRM integration, appointment scheduling, automated inventory management, handling of trade-in and financing inquiries, lead pre-qualification, and beyond.

AI is swiftly evolving into an indispensable tool for automotive retailers and OEMs seeking to deliver consistently exceptional customer experiences at scale and with efficiency. A pivotal determinant of dealership success lies in the capacity to engage with shoppers and patrons through their chosen channels. This significantly elevates the customer journey, fostering increased opportunities for dealers to cultivate loyalty and maximize lifetime value,” remarked Devin Daly, CEO and Co-Founder of Impel. “As the industry standard for enterprise-grade automotive AI, the integration of WhatsApp represents a natural progression of our omnichannel capabilities. By amalgamating Impel’s generative conversational AI prowess with WhatsApp messaging, we empower dealers to deliver compelling experiences across an expanded array of channels. We are thrilled to continue actualizing our vision of a unified AI platform that seamlessly underpins all channels and touchpoints within the automotive retail landscape.”


Impel’s integration of WhatsApp messaging marks a significant advancement in automotive customer engagement. With WhatsApp’s immense user base and Impel’s specialized AI platform, automotive retailers now have the tools to deliver personalized experiences and build lasting customer relationships. This move underscores the growing importance of omnichannel communication in the automotive retail sector, signaling a shift towards more consumer-centric approaches to customer engagement.