Informed.IQ introduces CollectIQ, an AI-driven solution for auto lenders


  • Informed.IQ introduces CollectIQ, an innovative AI-powered tool for auto lenders.
  • CollectIQ streamlines loan processing through accurate income calculations and applicant data validation.
  • Auto dealers can verify consumer data and calculate income instantly, ensuring a transparent financing experience.
  • Car buyers can securely provide electronic documents, granting dealers insight into affordability.
  • Integration with third-party services enhances capabilities, processes, and user experiences.
  • QR codes and phone numbers expedite the verification process, improving deal structures.
  • CollectIQ empowers lenders to fund dealers faster, reduce fraud, and enhance transaction efficiency.

Main AI News:

In a groundbreaking move, Informed.IQ, a pioneering leader in AI-driven software solutions for loan validation, has unveiled CollectIQ, a pioneering AI-powered innovation tailored to automotive lenders. This groundbreaking tool is designed to empower auto lenders in the digital realm, allowing them to seamlessly acquire and authenticate essential consumer documents to validate financing prerequisites. By meticulously computing income parameters and scrutinizing applicant data, CollectIQ expedites loan processing, delivering heightened precision, reduced fraudulent activities, and an enhanced experience for both dealers and consumers alike.

CollectIQ redefines the landscape for auto dealers by enabling instantaneous validation of consumer information and precise income evaluation. This transparent and reliable financing journey empowers car buyers, enabling them to effortlessly and securely share critical documentation and data through electronic channels. Consequently, dealers gain unprecedented insight into a customer’s financial capability. The brilliance of this tool lies in its compatibility with the existing dealer systems, making the transition smooth and seamless.

As devoted patrons of CollectIQ, we are elated to embrace the recent enhancements, especially the flawlessly integrated third-party service providers. This newfound connectivity is a game-changer in our industry. These enhancements augment our capacities, streamline our workflows, and promise an unrivaled user experience and dealer interaction,” affirmed the Vice President of Credit at a prominent pre-owned auto retailer in the nation.

To further expedite the process, Informed offers an efficient quick link, along with the option of utilizing QR codes and dedicated phone numbers that dealers can share with their clientele. Subsequently, buyers can effortlessly finalize their verification by uploading essential documents or linking to their banking and payroll platforms. Informed’s pioneering AI technology swiftly analyzes this data, equipping the lender with insights to devise more favorable deal structures. This, in turn, reduces the transit time of contracts, mitigates potential errors, and elevates the overall transactional efficiency, thereby amplifying dealer satisfaction.

In an era where customer experience reigns supreme, dealerships that prioritize digital transformation in their Finance & Insurance (F&I) divisions are poised for success,” remarked Justin Wickett, the visionary CEO of Informed.IQ. “We are ecstatic to be the pioneers in offering such transformative technology to our esteemed lending partners. CollectIQ not only empowers our lenders to onboard a higher volume of loans, but it also expedites dealer funding and fortifies our collective defenses against fraud.”


The unveiling of CollectIQ by Informed.IQ signifies a pivotal shift in the auto financing landscape. By leveraging AI-driven verification processes and seamless integration, this innovation not only expedites loan processing but also ensures transparency, reduces fraud, and amplifies the customer experience. The market can expect increased operational efficiency, faster loan approvals, and heightened dealer satisfaction, ultimately solidifying the importance of embracing digital transformation to stay competitive in the industry.