Innovating Sustainability Reporting: ESGgo’s AI-Powered Solution

  • ESGgo introduces One-Click Sustainability Report, an AI-powered solution for streamlined sustainability reporting.
  • The solution aligns with regulatory frameworks and stakeholder requirements, easing the reporting process.
  • ESGgo’s AI engine handles numerical and text-based data, facilitates emissions calculations, and synthesizes datasets.
  • Seven report templates cater to various needs, including comprehensive reports and concise snapshots.
  • Orly Glick, CEO of ESGgo, highlights the templates’ significance in meeting diverse reporting needs efficiently.

Main AI News:

ESGgo, a frontrunner in ESG data solutions, has unveiled its latest offering, the One-Click Sustainability Report. This state-of-the-art solution leverages artificial intelligence to simplify sustainability reporting processes for companies, aligning them with regulatory frameworks and stakeholder expectations.

Revolutionizing the landscape of sustainability reporting, the One-Click Sustainability Report streamlines operations by harnessing advanced AI capabilities. ESGgo’s proprietary data engine adeptly handles both numerical and text-based information, facilitating emissions calculations and synthesizing datasets to produce tailored reports.

This groundbreaking solution offers versatility to meet a range of needs, boasting seven meticulously designed report templates. From comprehensive options such as the “Full Sustainability Report,” aligned with standards like CSRD, SASB, GRI, and SDGs, to concise alternatives like the “Sustainability Snapshot” for company websites, ESGgo ensures accessibility and compliance.

Orly Glick, Founder and CEO of ESGgo, underscored the significance of these templates in addressing diverse reporting requirements. She remarked, “Our templates empower organizations to efficiently navigate regulatory mandates such as the new SEC climate rules, comply with CA 253 and 261 regulations, meet CSRD standards, and craft compelling sustainability narratives for corporate marketing.”


ESGgo’s introduction of the One-Click Sustainability Report represents a significant advancement in the market for sustainability reporting solutions. By leveraging AI technology to simplify and streamline reporting processes, ESGgo has positioned itself at the forefront of innovation, offering versatile solutions to meet the evolving needs of organizations striving for sustainability excellence. This development underscores the growing importance of efficient and comprehensive sustainability reporting in today’s business landscape, driving organizations towards greater transparency and accountability.