InnovationForce, the Pioneer in AI-Powered Ecosystem Relationship Management, Unveils InnovationWorks Hangar in Europe: A Game-Changer on Microsoft Azure Marketplace


  • InnovationForce introduces InnovationWorks Hangar to Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
  • Over 100 new European-based use cases were added to the Hangar.
  • Focus on ecosystem collaboration for achieving decarbonization and grid modernization goals.
  • Strong participation from diverse energy companies and innovators.
  • Industry’s shift toward decentralized, customer-centric energy infrastructure.
  • The InnovationWorks Hangar serves as a collaborative platform for solving pressing climate challenges.
  • A strong endorsement from industry leaders and experts.

Main AI News:

InnovationForce, the pioneer in AI-powered Ecosystem Relationship Management (ERM) solutions for innovation, has made a groundbreaking announcement at Enlit Europe. The InnovationWorks Hangar, a revolutionary platform, is now accessible on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, the online hub for cutting-edge applications and services designed for use on the Azure cloud platform. To commemorate this milestone, InnovationForce has introduced more than 100 new European-based use cases, often referred to as “test flights,” sourced from reputable outlets like the UK’s National Infrastructure Commission’s Second National Infrastructure Assessment and esteemed Microsoft partners. This strategic move is set to foster ecosystem collaboration, accelerating the industry’s progress toward decarbonization and grid modernization objectives.

In a mere month since the launch of our InnovationWorks Hangar at EPRI’s Incubatenergy Labs Demo Day, we have garnered the active participation of over 100 innovators hailing from more than 50 diverse energy companies, collectively engaged in 500 ‘Test Flights’ or use cases,” revealed Kim Getgen, the visionary Founder and CEO of InnovationForce. “I am perpetually inspired each time I encounter a fresh challenge or a novel innovator on our platform. InnovationForce’s mission is to be an unwavering ally to the evolving ecosystem and collaboratively address the world’s most critical infrastructure demands.

Our energy landscape is undergoing a transformative shift towards decentralization, flexibility, and customer-centricity. The InnovationForce Hangar is a brilliant mechanism for the industry to unite, rapidly collaborate, disseminate knowledge, and bring these insights back to their respective utilities for real-world trials,” asserted Lamé Verre, Head of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability at SSE Energy Solutions. “This is paramount as our customers look up to us as industry authorities to converge and facilitate the delivery of a clean energy transition today.”

Drawing from his extensive experience as an innovation leader serving some of the world’s largest global corporations, Chris Heemskerk, Founder and CEO of The Innovation Alliance, remarked, “The Innovation Alliance commends the pioneering work of InnovationForce in uniting this dynamic assembly of energy innovators, committed to resolving the paramount climate, decarbonization, and grid modernization challenges confronting our world. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with InnovationForce and utilities as they navigate the innovation landscape.”

The InnovationWorks Hangar stands as an ecosystem of experts, comprising individuals, peers, and AI-powered agents, all possessing profound verticalized expertise, poised to unleash the “Collective Genius” of numerous innovators actively conducting experiments and sharing previously undocumented insights to tackle the world’s most exigent challenges, notably decarbonization. Since its debut at EPRI demo day, InnovationForce has further enriched its repository by incorporating additional challenge statements sourced from European utilities, culled from publicly accessible materials and the UK’s National Infrastructure Commission’s Second Infrastructure Assessment.

Jake Zborowski, General Manager of Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp., expressed his delight, stating, “We extend a warm welcome to InnovationForce into the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, offering our partners unparalleled exposure to a global clientele of cloud customers. Azure Marketplace boasts world-class solutions from trusted global partners, meticulously tested for seamless integration with the Azure ecosystem.


The expansion of InnovationForce’s InnovationWorks Hangar into Europe through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace signifies a significant step forward for the energy innovation market. With a growing number of European use cases and active participation from industry leaders, this platform is poised to accelerate collaboration and drive meaningful progress toward decarbonization and grid modernization, addressing critical challenges in the evolving energy landscape.