Innovative Training Solutions: Tritek Consulting’s Strategic Expansion into AI Education

  • Tritek Consulting, led by Dr. Adeshola Cole, is experiencing substantial growth, expanding its workforce to 50 professionals across the UK, Nigeria, and the US.
  • To meet rising client demands, Tritek launches tailored training programs focusing on AI and data science.
  • The courses offer comprehensive instruction in machine learning, data management, algorithms, and digital skills, combining theory with practical workshops led by Tritek’s experts.
  • Tritek’s expertise extends across various technology sectors, garnering 10 industry awards for its high-quality consultancy services.
  • Noteworthy emphasis on diversity, with 80% of candidates from Nigeria and 10% from Asia, reflecting Tritek’s commitment to inclusivity.
  • Over 5,000 individuals are trained, and 100 technology projects have been completed to date.
  • Dr. Cole underscores the significance of AI in future advancements across healthcare, climate change, transportation, and business, urging early adoption of these transformative trends.

Main AI News:

Tritek Consulting, a prominent global entity specializing in recruitment, training, and consultancy within the technology sector, has unveiled an ambitious initiative in response to its remarkable 200% expansion. Founded in 2017 by the esteemed mentor and entrepreneur Dr. Adeshola Cole, the rapidly burgeoning enterprise now boasts a workforce of 50 professionals spread across three strategic locations: the UK, Nigeria, and the US.

In a strategic move to address burgeoning client demands, Tritek Consulting is primed to launch bespoke training programs centered on artificial intelligence (AI) and data science. These domains have emerged as pivotal areas of interest among clientele. The upcoming course is meticulously crafted to provide candidates with an immersive learning experience spanning machine learning, data management, algorithms, and digital proficiencies. It will blend theoretical instruction with hands-on workshops led by seasoned Tritek team members, ensuring participants receive top-tier education aligned with industry benchmarks.

Distinguished for its expertise in grooming talents across critical technology sectors, including Project Management, Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Software Development, Cyber Security, and Product Design, Tritek has amassed a trove of accolades, totaling 10 key industry recognitions. These accolades underscore the firm’s commitment to delivering premium consultancy services marked by competitive pricing and tangible outcomes.

Moreover, Tritek Consulting stands out for its laudable efforts in fostering diversity, with 80% of its candidates hailing from Nigerian backgrounds and an additional 10% originating from Asia. To date, the organization has successfully equipped over 5,000 individuals with essential skills while executing over 100 technology projects for discerning clients.

Reflecting on the company’s journey, Dr. Adeshola Cole expresses pride in Tritek’s evolution, emphasizing its mission to empower the next generation with the requisite skills to navigate an increasingly digital landscape. “It’s been an extraordinary journey, and we’re immensely proud of building such a vibrant enterprise with a clear vision to equip the future workforce,” remarks Dr. Cole.

Looking ahead, Dr. Cole underscores the pivotal role of AI in shaping diverse spheres of human existence. “Over the next decade, AI will exert a profound influence across various domains, revolutionizing fields such as healthcare, climate change mitigation, transportation, and business operations,” he asserts. Emphasizing the imperative of early adoption, Dr. Cole urges stakeholders to embrace these transformative trends, ensuring they remain at the vanguard of technological evolution.


Tritek Consulting’s strategic expansion into AI education underscores a growing recognition of the pivotal role of technology in shaping diverse industries. Their tailored training programs cater to rising demand while reflecting a commitment to excellence and inclusivity. This move signals a significant opportunity for the market, highlighting the increasing importance of AI skills in driving innovation and competitiveness across sectors. Organizations that embrace such initiatives stand poised to thrive in an increasingly digital landscape.