Insig AI Secures Spot on UN Climate Tool Dashboard


  • Insig AI secures a listing on the United Nations Climate Risk Tool Dashboard.
  • The dashboard offers insights into climate risk tools, sustainability compliance, and data quality.
  • Insig AI’s inclusion signifies its role as a vital resource for financial institutions.
  • Executive chairman Richard Bernstein emphasizes the importance of objective evidence for corporate disclosure standards.

Main AI News:

Insig AI, a specialist in machine learning and data science, proudly announces its listing on the United Nations Climate Risk Tool Dashboard. This achievement, revealed on Thursday, marks a crucial milestone for the AIM-traded company.

The dashboard itself serves as a comprehensive resource that offers valuable insights into the functionality of climate risk tools. It also assesses their compliance with sustainability disclosure standards and regulations, along with policies governing data quality and sourcing.

This inclusion in the dashboard holds particular significance as it positions Insig AI as a vital resource for financial institutions navigating the ever-evolving landscape of climate risk tools. As executive chairman Richard Bernstein commented, “We’re delighted that the UN Environment Programme has included Insig AI within its Climate Risk Tool Dashboard. Our machine learning capability provides objective evidence of those corporations that claim to adhere to the highest standards of disclosure but, in reality, fail to do so. Inclusion within the UNEP can help apply pressure, so that necessary improvements can be made.”

This achievement underscores Insig AI’s commitment to transparency, sustainability, and the fight against climate change. As the world grapples with environmental challenges, having access to reliable tools and data is paramount, and Insig AI is at the forefront of providing these essential resources.


Insig AI’s inclusion in the UN Climate Risk Tool Dashboard reinforces the company’s commitment to transparency and sustainability. This development highlights the growing importance of reliable climate risk tools in the market, with Insig AI positioned as a key player in shaping corporate disclosure standards and fostering improvements in this critical sector.