Intel’s Deep Tech Accelerator Unveils Seventh Cohort

  • Intel Ignite announces its seventh cohort for early-stage deep tech startups in Munich.
  • Deep tech emerges as Europe’s largest VC funding category, led by AI and quantum computing startups.
  • Cohort includes startups from Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden, with an average funding of €7M.
  • Startups focus on diverse areas, such as semiconductor manufacturing, AI processing, robotics, and satellite technology.
  • Notable startups include AIRMO, Cartken, Flink, LUBIS EDA, NcodiN, Pathway, SCIL, Ultralytics, Waveye, and ZeroPoint.
  • Intel Ignite alumni collectively have secured over $2.5 billion in funding since 2019.
  • European tech ecosystem valued at $3 trillion, attracting global talent.
  • Intel Ignite aims to support startups in finding market fit, enhancing valuations, and accelerating revenue growth.

Main AI News:

Intel Ignite, the esteemed global startup accelerator program dedicated to nurturing early-stage deep tech startups, has revealed the lineup for its seventh cohort set to assemble in Munich.

Deep tech has emerged as the predominant category for venture capital funding in Europe, as reported by Dealroom, with artificial intelligence and quantum computing startups leading the capital influx.

The current cohort comprises startups hailing from Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden. With an average funding of €7M each, these startups span a diverse array of deep tech fields, ranging from semiconductor manufacturing, silicon, and photonics to memory compression, data streaming, AI processing, and applications in robotics and satellite technology.

Presenting the European cohort’s pioneering startups:

  • AIRMO: Precision-driven AI analytics for greenhouse gas emissions, sourced from proprietary multi-sensor-equipped satellites.
  • Cartken: Vision-based, cost-effective autonomous driving technology tailored for outdoor robotics in industrial and last-mile delivery sectors.
  • Flink: AI-driven multi-robot software platform integrating computer vision and motion control intelligence.
  • LUBIS EDA: Cloud-based AI platform for preemptive chip bug detection and resolution before production.
  • NcodiN: Laser-integrated photonic technology facilitating high-speed, energy-efficient interconnects in advanced chip packaging.
  • Pathway: Integrated batch and event stream data processing solution for intricate, high-velocity data transformations.
  • SCIL: Substrate conformal imprint lithography solutions for nano-level patterning in high-volume production.
  • Ultralytics: Provider of open-source YOLO models and a no-code platform for developing, training, and deploying computer vision applications.
  • Waveye: AI-powered, high-resolution 4D radar imaging tailored for autonomous systems.
  • ZeroPoint: Soft IP solution for hardware-accelerated, secure, and lossless compression across the entire memory architecture.

Since its inception in 2019, Intel Ignite alumni collectively have garnered over $2.5 billion in funding.

Amidst recent valuation of $3 trillion in the State of European Tech report and a magnetic pull for global talent, the European tech landscape thrives,” remarked Tzahi Weisfeld, Vice President & General Manager at Intel Ignite.

Our overarching mission is to bolster and sustain this ecosystem. With these ten disruptive startups embarking on their journey with Intel Ignite in Europe this spring, we anticipate not only aiding them in finding their market fit, enhancing their valuations, and augmenting revenue streams but also empowering founders to achieve these milestones expediently and cost-effectively. They are poised to become cornerstone contributors in this perpetually evolving ecosystem.”


Intel Ignite’s announcement of its seventh cohort underscores the flourishing landscape of deep tech startups in Europe. With a focus on AI, quantum computing, and various other cutting-edge technologies, these startups represent the forefront of innovation. The significant funding secured by Intel Ignite alumni reflects investor confidence in the potential of deep tech ventures. As the European tech ecosystem continues to thrive and attract global talent, Intel Ignite’s role in nurturing and empowering startups is poised to have a lasting impact on the market, fostering growth and driving technological advancements.