Ironscales Fortifies Defenses Against Image-Based Email Threats with Advanced Machine Learning


  • Ironscales, a cybersecurity firm, has unveiled its Fall 2023 release, focusing on combating image-based phishing attacks.
  • New features include sophisticated machine learning defenses, protection against QR code phishing, and image-based threats.
  • The release addresses the evolving AI technology used by cybercriminals, with a 215% increase in image-centric phishing emails reported.
  • Ironscales employs optical character recognition and image processing to identify and prevent attacks.
  • An autonomous phishing simulation testing functionality streamlines the testing process for IT and security teams.
  • Enhanced reporting provides organization visibility and improved employee awareness.
  • The CEO emphasizes the importance of staying vigilant against evolving phishing threats.

Main AI News:

In a bid to combat the escalating menace of image-based phishing attacks, including the nefarious exploitation of QR codes, Israeli cybersecurity firm Ironscales Ltd. has unveiled a slew of cutting-edge capabilities as part of its Fall 2023 release. This strategic move reflects the company’s commitment to staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

The latest Ironscales release boasts an array of sophisticated machine learning defenses meticulously crafted to counter image-based security threats. Notable among these threats is “quishing,” a clever term coined for QR code phishing, as well as the notorious business email compromise and image-based attacks that outsmart traditional language processing defenses.

This development comes in response to the rapid progress of generative artificial intelligence technology, which has significantly broadened the toolkit available to cybercriminals. In a startling revelation, Ironscales data analysts recently reported a staggering 215% surge in image-centric phishing emails during the third quarter of 2023, with malicious QR codes taking center stage.

To counteract these emerging threats, Ironscales’ revamped platform now harnesses the power of optical character recognition (OCR) and deep-text and image processing. These technologies work in harmony to identify and thwart malicious attacks before they can infiltrate the inboxes of unsuspecting users. Additionally, the new features seamlessly integrate enhanced image recognition and analysis into the company’s robust behavioral analysis framework.

A standout feature of this release is the introduction of autonomous phishing simulation testing. This functionality streamlines the testing process, reducing the workload on information technology and security teams. Ironscales’ customers can now automate the setup of phishing simulation campaigns, ensuring they simulate real-world email attacks in a timely and relevant manner.

Furthermore, the Fall ’23 release elevates organization visibility and enhances employee awareness with its improved reporting capabilities. The comprehensive reporting includes crucial metrics and a detailed summary of simulation testing campaign results. This enables organizations to benchmark their performance, pinpoint training gaps, gauge effectiveness, and fine-tune their future campaign strategies.

Eyal Benishti, Chief Executive of Ironscales, emphasizes the importance of staying vigilant in the face of evolving phishing threats. He stated, “Phishing threats are rapidly evolving in sophistication, and it’s more crucial than ever for organizations to ensure their employees are trained and prepared to be a vital layer of defense against these attacks. Our job is to take the burden off security teams for threat detection and training of their employees. We believe that our new Fall ’23 release will accomplish just that.

Ironscales had previously made headlines in June with the launch of Themis Co-pilot, an artificial intelligence tool for Microsoft Outlook. This innovative service equips users with the tools necessary to detect and report emerging threats, irrespective of their role or cybersecurity expertise, further solidifying Ironscales’ commitment to enhancing cybersecurity for all.


Ironscales’ proactive approach in countering image-based email threats with advanced machine learning capabilities positions them well to meet the rising demand for robust cybersecurity solutions in a market increasingly plagued by evolving cyber threats. This release underscores their commitment to safeguarding organizations from the growing menace of image-based phishing attacks, ultimately strengthening their competitive position in the cybersecurity sector.