Irys, advanced AI and machine learning to assist insurance brokers in real time, successfully concluded a seed funding round, raising $3.5 million


  • Irys Insurtech, Inc. successfully concluded a seed funding round, raising $3.5 million.
  • The insurtech startup challenges established legacy agency management systems in the insurance industry.
  • Lead investor Markd champions innovative insurtech solutions.
  • Irys utilizes advanced AI and machine learning to assist insurance brokers in real time.
  • CEO Margeaux Giles emphasizes the mission to break free from outdated insurance practices.
  • Funding to fuel platform scaling and implementation team expansion.
  • Industry insiders anticipate a paradigm shift in insurance distribution.

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In a bold move that challenges the status quo of the insurance industry, Irys Insurtech, Inc. has recently concluded a successful seed funding round, raising an impressive $3.5 million. This innovative insurtech startup is now poised to revolutionize a market that has long been dominated by entrenched legacy agency management systems. The financing endeavor was masterfully spearheaded by Markd, a prominent figure known for their unwavering commitment to groundbreaking insurtech advancements. This pivotal investment marks the dawn of a new era, where conventional processes within the insurance distribution sphere are being both questioned and reimagined.

Having made its debut in 2021, Irys stands as an avant-garde open API software platform, dedicated to dismantling the barriers that have been erected by industry giants of yesteryears. Anchored in cutting-edge technology, their platform harnesses the power of machine learning (ML) and generative artificial intelligence (AI) to provide insurance brokers with real-time, indispensable insights precisely when they are needed the most.

Margeaux Giles, the visionary CEO of Irys, expounds, “Our lead investor, Parker Beauchamp, is in complete alignment with our mission to shatter the confines of archaic insurance practices. We’ve meticulously assembled a cohort of brilliant, motivated, and unconventional insurance entrepreneurs. Our intent is not merely to shake the foundations; we are poised to uproot the entire tree.”

The capital infused through this seed round will serve as the catalyst propelling the platform’s expansion and the fortification of its implementation team. This maneuver is set to offer the industry a much sought-after escape route from the limitations of conventional systems. Irys, characterized by its revolutionary spirit and pragmatic approach, is now primed to unveil the blueprint for the future of insurance distribution—an embodiment of efficiency, agility, and innovation.

Beauchamp of Markd asserts, “From my vantage point within the distribution landscape, nothing hindered growth, profitability, innovation, and customer satisfaction more than the constraints imposed by agency management systems. I harbor no qualms with the claims of being the pioneers, as held by the legacy entities. Their actions resonate with this assertion.”

He continues, “Upon connecting with Margeaux and her team, it became evident that we had finally encountered individuals who possess a proven track record as successful insurance agency account and operations managers. Their creation—an AMS that every professional in the industry dreams of.

Fortified by the triumph of this funding endeavor, which also saw participation from esteemed insurtech players, including Brokertech Ventures, Revtech Labs, Cofounders Capital, and Mtech Capital, Irys stands poised to introduce an invigorating and innovative paradigm shift to an industry that is yearning for transformative change.


Irys Insurtech’s successful $3.5 million seed funding round signifies a significant disruption in the insurance sector. The infusion of funds into this innovative startup, backed by industry leader Markd, showcases a growing commitment to reshaping traditional insurance practices. Irys’ integration of AI and ML technologies to assist brokers is poised to redefine industry standards, offering a glimpse into the future of insurance distribution. This development underscores the growing momentum behind insurtech and its potential to revolutionize the market.